Magnitude 7.4 earthquake hits Zerephine City area, Mount Edohanesse eruption imminent

BREAKING NEWS – Zerephine City (Sakura News Center, EYIN-TV) – Residents in Zerephine City in Belphenia woke up to a powerful jolt Thursday morning at 2:09am Zerephine Summer Time (2:39am EBST), it was a strong earthquake rattled the Zerephine City Metropolitan Area overnight.

There were reports of power outages, and damage to small buildings and injuries in the Zerephine City area and surrounding suburbs according to Mermaid Tail and local authorities. In the city of Edohanesse, there were reports of an explosion from a nearby underground gas main that local residents were ordered to evacuate the area. In downtown Zerephine City, tall buildings and skyscrapers swayed 45 miles southwest from the quake’s epicenter.

The Belphenia Geological Agency said the tremor was a magnitude 7.4 and its epicenter was located three miles south of Nerespell, Zerephine Prefecture, in the state of Shirahoshi. The agency also said that Mount Edohanesse in northwestern New Eriwynne may likely to erupt.

Zerie Ellenal, Mermaid Tail’s guild master, declared a state of emergency for the entire Zerephine City Metropolitan Area and ordered an evacuation for the entire city as a precaution. But local law enforcement agencies in Drevet and Nefertiri and other towns surrounding the volcano feared that the eruption of Mount Edohanesse is imminent, they ordered residents to evacuate immediately.

Naoko Takashima, a geologist from the Belphenia Geological Agency, said that the tremor was also felt in Erzanna Prefecture and the states of Sakura, the Seralia Division, and the Scarlet Heart Division.


Freedemia makes sale and manufacture of tobacco, alcohol products illegal, consumption and possession to remain legal for those over 25

QUENTINSBURGH- A victory for anti-tobacco and anti-alcohol groups came from the Freedemian National Legislature today, as President Rosenthal signed into law a bill known as Nicole’s Law. The law officially bans the sale and manufacture of alcohol and tobacco products within Freedemia, a huge strike against companies domestic and international (but mostly international as only one alcohol company and no tobacco companies exist in the nation). The ban also bans internet sales of these products to anyone within the country.

The law, in hopes of not creating a full prohibition, which has failed in some other nations, leaves consumption and possession of said products legal for those over the age of 25. Legislators expressed hope that the inability to manufacture and the difficulty of purchase will end the very little tobacco and alcohol use that remains in Freedemia, without the need to make consumption itself illegal.

While less than 1% of Freedemians have ever consumed alcohol or tobacco, the Freedemian government has been trying to end that little usage for two decades, creating large incentives to companies that stopped selling or refused to sell alcoholic and tobacco products and large fines to those that continued to sell them. However, this was the first time sales have ever been explicitly banned.

The law was named Nicole’s Law, after a teenage girl who developed cancer after she had been peer pressured into smoking in 2003 and become addicted. She died earlier this year.

“Companies manufacturing and even those just selling these deadly products have been making money off of hurting our people’s health. It’s time it stops. Today marks the drawing of a clear, solid line. Today we tell them no, that our health and well being is more important than their greed and profits,” President Angela Rosenthal stated, shortly after signing the bill into law.

The new law has support of around 71% of the nation according to a recent poll.

Woolonian Rebel Attack in Ewes; explosions destroy part of Cross Ewes Expressway/Alpacatown Freeway, poison dart attack in nearby subway station

BREAKING NEWS- EWES, WOOLPORT- An attack significantly larger than the roadblock explosion in Pastureville earlier this week and the most high scale attack since the May attack killing five high ranking government officials and a reporter occurred tonight. A multifaceted attack occurred in southern Ewes earlier tonight, with explosions taking out a major bridge on the Alpacatown Expressway that collapsed onto the Cross Ewes Expressway and a bia bia poison dart attack in the nearby Woolhaven subway station. The borough of Ewes is on high alert, and the metro system, motorway A-1 and large sections of A-8 and 8B are all shut down until further notice.

An estimated 23 people died at the scene of the bridge collapse, most of which were on the bridge when it collapsed, while a couple died from getting crushed by falling cars and debris. About 8 people died in the poison dart shooting in the Woolhaven subway station. The men and woman responsible for the subway attack were apprehended shortly after the attack; however those responsible for the bridge explosion are still at large.

The portion of expressway that was blown up was actually a major exit connecting Highway 8B with the Alpacatown Expressway/A-8. The actual Alpacatown Expressway at that point goes through a tunnel, which was not damaged. However, the tunnel has been shut down out of concern that other explosives could be in the tunnel. Squads are checking at this moment to check the safety of the tunnel. The Cross Ewes Expressway is completely blocked at the junction, and is closed in all directions for a large distance.

President Ferdinand Sealy and Woolport Mayor Michael Segaset spoke together to the city shortly after at a press conference in downtown Ewes.

“Tonight, the Woolonian Traditionalist Rebels staged the largest attack on civilians since the Woolonian Civil War. They have crossed a line. It is one thing to attack a government. It is another to attack completely innocent individuals. This did not reflect the goals of the WTR, claiming that their only anger was against the modern Woolonian government. They’ve gone too far.”

Shortly after, a statement from the WTR came saying “Mr. uneducated Sealy. We were not the planners nor perpetrators of this attack. We would have targeted something or someone closer related to the Woolonian government, as you said. This was done by our allies, Sheep in Wolves’ Clothing, who tend to be… less…patient and understanding than us. However, the time had come for action on our end. Perhaps now you will take us and our purpose more seriously.”

Current information does back up that assertion. While the attacks in Pastureville were clearly done by the WTR and the attack killing Gerald Astern and others in May were as well, the attacks in Freedemia and tonight’s attack appear to have been the work of Sheep in Wolves’ Clothing. This, however, is the first time evidence shows the group’s are working together.

More information will come in as received. PWN is dedicated to bringing the most up-to-date accurate news.

Freedemia’s President Rosenthal speaks candidly about Woolonian Crisis

QUENTINSBURGH- PWN’s Progress World Nightly News was able to get an interview with President Angela Rosenthal addressing the Woolonian Crisis. Gina Franklin reporting.

I first asked Madame President for a brief summary of the situation and how Freedemia became involved.

“So, as most Freedemians already know, we have more recently become very close allies with Woolonia, a major country in Antarephia known for their sheep industry, shepherding, and sheep based heritage. Our economic and political ties have propelled both our nations forward, and I’ve been able to work very closely with Ferdinand Sealy, Woolonia’s president, to make progress. The complicated factor is that we also signed a military alliance. Freedemia is currently Woolonia’s only military ally, and Woolonia our only military ally, which puts us in a weird spot because we’re a pacifist society.”

I also asked Madame President about her thoughts on calls for President Ferdinand Sealy’s resignation in Woolonia.

“That’s honestly a hard one. I have had nothing but good experiences with President Sealy, and I feel changes in leadership at a time like this could be for better or for worse, but just, I don’t think it’s worth risking being without good leadership at a time like this. President Sealy could do better, but I don’t think resigning is the answer.”

President Rosenthal was very candid on the prospect of a Second Woolonian Civil War.

“I don’t regret supporting Woolonia at all. They have proven to be a very trusted ally in everything from the economy to tourism. But, honestly, I’m extremely scared that this is snowballing into an actual war. And due to our military alliances with Woolonia, if said war happens, we could be pulled into war for the first time in our nation’s almost three century history.”

I asked President Rosenthal if there had been any talks of cutting the military alliance before things escalated further.

“Technically, yes, there have been. But each time there’s been consensus. We made an agreement with Woolonia, founded on mutual trust and understanding. To wait until they’re about to go to war to cut military ties would be a severe slap in the face to our closest ally. We can’t betray them like that. It would literally be like leaving a friend when they need you most. We don’t want to lose our strongest ally, and responding by cutting ties could in the long run be more disastrous for our country than the alliance itself.”

I then asked if she regretted entering into the military alliance to begin with, and pointed out that she had gone ahead with it back in 2014 when most of the nation was against it. Her answer was a bit more… politician-style than her other statements.

“I… do believe perhaps it was an ill-advised decision.”

I then pointed out that former VP Tom Morganson and former VP candidate Marco Nelson were all strongly against any and all military alliances and that VP Patrick Houser had thought the alliance was a bad idea, to which the president declined to respond.

President Sealy addresses calls for resignation, warns against internal division

WOOLPORT- Woolonia’s President Ferdinand Sealy addressed the public today, responding to calls for his resignation. Protesters have been saying that Sealy’s lackluster weak attempts to stop the Woolonian Traditionalist Rebels have put the nation in extreme risk. Sealy made it clear that he does not plan to step down and warned against internal division in a time of crisis. Here’s the bulk of his speech.

“Woolonia, I understand your pain. Honestly, when the news came in about Operation Good Wolf failing, I almost did want to resign myself, even before the pushing by protesters. It hurts when you know that the failure of you and those around you may have risked and even lost irreplaceable lives. I was not a good shepherd. I took a leap that I thought would be for your protection, but I lost precious sheep along the way. And for this I am immensely sorry.”

“However, I soon came to my senses. It is too much of a risk to be divided in this time of crisis. I believe most of the Woolonian Parliament, from all parties, understand this. When we passed the CADATT (Cross Party Alliance in Defense Against Traditionalist Terrorism) Act, we as politicians agreed to put parties and politics aside to work together to stop the WTR, as one unit, one nation. I’m asking you, the public, to do the same.”

“Changing leadership in a time of crisis only provides more opportunity for the WTR and more vulnerability for our dear country. Friends, if I truly believed that stepping down would help us, I would. But this is not the solution. Quite frankly, it’s not even the problem. Please. I implore you, don’t be distracted by the politics, the outrage, the disappointment. This isn’t the solution to the crisis we’re facing.”

“We, as a Woolonian government, have created a new intelligence task force, we are doing more research into how to responsibly take action, and we are working hard to prepare for the next step. But at this moment, I have no plans to step down. I will spend every waking moment on the job, working to defend and protect you. Us. Our nation. Thank you.”

Victory for Animal Rights: Zoos forbidden in all over Neo Delta

MALOJDEH – More than two decades after the government listened to the protests of the population of Neo Delta and closed its last zoo, the country has now made it official: zoos are forbidden anywhere within the nation. Activists have argued that the end of zoos is an important step to end humanity’s dominion over all other creatures.

Penguins in Frago, south Neo Delta. Source: Pixabay.
Penguins in Frago, south Neo Delta. Source: Pixabay.

In a recent interview, the Minister of the Environment, Arta Luje-Oteh has said that “a country shouldn’t want animals in captivity or enclosed in any manner unless it is to save their lives and help endangered species” and she explained that people must fight for animal rights the same way we fight for human rights.

When the last zoo was closed, back in 1988, captive animals that couldn’t be released into the wild were cared for in rescue centers and sanctuaries throughout Neo Delta.

QUARTA rolls out QTransit App, featuring trip planning, transit GPS, maps, etc

QUENTINSBURGH- On Friday QUARTA, Quentinsburgh’s public transit authority, released a new app for passengers called the QTransit App. It is already being hailed as one of the most advanced transit authority apps in the world.

The app boasts a huge number of features, including maps and schedules for every route and the entire system, a transit GPS and trip planner powered by StepMaps (Stepstone Technology), transit news updates, and live updating information about nearby destinations. (Payment for fares and digital passes were considered as additional features, but were decided against.)

The most basic feature is simply that riders can now have route maps and schedules at their fingertips. Unlike many other apps, the digital maps are interactive, and real-time arrival can be pulled up for any route or QUARTA service, including bus, metro, commuter rail, trolley, and more (basically just excluding QCycle Bikeshare, as bikes are not wired with real time GPS).

The app also provides easy free digital access to the QRider newsletter and transit news updates from the newly created QUARTANews (which will also go live at the new site Users will be able to even set the app to get live notifications about service changes and transit news, accirding to their personal preference.

However, the two most prominent features being praised are the live transit GPS and the StripMapLive nearby destination feature.

The QTransitGPS, powered by StepMaps, is basically a StepMaps or Glofish Maps dedicated to public transit. Riders can either put in a starting destination or use location services on their device and get a multitude of convenient public transportation options. Riders can put in preferences, such as “local bus only”, “bus and metro”, or “fastest possible trip”. Like a regular GPS, it will give multiple possible routes, and can recalculate if the passenger needs to change their route. The app will even show you how to get to the nearest bikeshare location to get to a destination not served by transit, or give you information about intercity rail or bus if you need to go somewhere outside of the QUARTA service area. The app proves especially helpful for finding the nearest bus stop or metro station.

However, perhaps even more impressive is the StripMapLive feature. Also powered by StepMaps, the feature uses location services to figure out where the passenger is, and then shows details about where they are; what features that station, bus stop, or area has; and show nearby destinations. StripMapLive shows details that would never be able to fit on a normal paper map, or even a regular digital map, such as restrooms in metro stations, whether stations have elevators in addition to the the regular ramps, and where a passenger could get off and get a bite to eat along their route. It also conveniently shows transfers, and can send notifications to the passenger when they’ve arrived at their stop.

“StripMapLive takes the concept of the strip map to a whole new level,” head developer Gracie Fletcher told PWN. “It goes beyond just telling you a list of stops. For the first time you can get a strip map for any route in the system, even a local bus, and even find out what’s along the route.”

The original app, the QRider app, only had PDF versions of the system and route maps, trip planning and real time tracking. These new features make the QTransit App much more revolutionary.

QUARTA also plans to launch some of these features, especially the QTransitGPS, online as well, as part of a website revamp currently in progress.

StepMaps and the designers of the QTransit app hope to create similar apps for other Freedemian cities with rapid transit. Laneston/Vandover and the VAULT system are expected to get a similar app in the next few months, as well as Personsboro/Leonard’s PLATA system, and Graham City is getting a beta version until at least the core if the new BRT system being built in place of demolished subway lines. Graham City’s transit will be getting a total revamp and rebranding upon the completion of the first two BRT lines under construction..

As of right now, the app is available for StepStone devices, Megamer GamePhones, Zenergy devices and Saehan Group devices. QUARTA plans to expand the app to other operating systems in coming months.