One month after typhoon in Iucan, Brugas – Neo Delta gets ready for the Isle & City Games

TAIAGO – After more than one month of the passage of the Typhoon Nakoe through the city of Iucan, in the Brugas archipelago (Neo Delta), which has brought destruction to the city and other areas of the islands, efforts are being taken in order to rebuild the most affected places and  get the archipelago ready to host the next edition of the Isle & City Games.

Although Iucan is not expected to host ny sport events (the closest event shall take place in Danipa), the area is well-known for the Jolia Beach and the Janni Dunes, which attract thousands of tourists every year. Most of the events of the Isle and City Games will take place in Taiago, the capital of Brugas, in the newly build Athletic Village. The region was not greatly affected by the typhoon. Even so, the organization of the games decided to hold the beginning of the event.

Flooding and damaged areas of Iucan – Brugas.

Some areas of Iucan still suffer with eventual floods during rainy periods. The government of Brugas started a campaign to gather money and resources parts of Iucan. It is expected that more six months will be needed to Iucan look like it was before the typhoon.


Jair Villalobos gets first point in Premier Formula

Jair Villalobos has achieved his first point in this year’s Premier Formula. The NTH Racing-driver finished on the 16th place in Lorredion this afternoon, which means he earned one point.

Villalobos qualified on the 18th place yesterday. The race was won by Latinian Fernando Bagatoz y Cruz, who drives for Berger & Hernandez. Brent Harbinson from Freedemia stays number one in the driver rankings and HareSpeed Racing stays number one in the constructor rankings.

Franklinsburgh begins final preparations for International Foosball World Cup

FRANKLINSBURGH- Large preparations are underway in the heart of Franklinsburgh, a city preparing for an opportunity of a lifetime, as the International Foosball World Cup comes to the city.

2016 is the first year in IFWC history that a city other than Quentinsburgh will host the International Foosball World Cup. Starting in 2018, the games will be open to be hosted by cities around the world. As the games will come back to Quentinsburgh every 10 years (every 5 games) and generally will be international for the other 4 games, the chances that the games will come back to Franklinsburgh anytime soon is very unlikely. This will possibly be a one time experience for Freedemia’s third largest and third most popular city, one that city leaders and residents hope to take advantage of.

Freedemia used to be the largest home for foosball heritage in the world, but as the sport’s popularity has grown so much recently, the IFWC board felt it was the right time to allow the world to be further involved.

The International Foosball World Cup will be the week of April 19th- April 23rd, culminating with Saturday’s championship series at Callenday Stadium. Some of the early series will take place at Sesame Harrison Memorial Stadium on the State Fairgrounds. Each stadium can support 2 games at one time, and since a series takes about an hour and a half, several games can happen in one day.

The downtown area is being redecorated for the event, with new banners and other things lining downtown streets. Special bus lines are being added, and the subway line to the airport is going to be given new signage to direct tourists. Special regulation foosball tables have been brought to Freedemia, and the stadiums are, for the first time, being set up for a major foosball tournament. PWN Sports is preparing to provide exclusive coverage of the event.

Tickets are nearly sold out, and nationalism among Freedemians and other countries surrounding their teams is growing. Several Freedemian fans have made it clear they plan to camp out before the game. Pictures of men and women with their chests painted red, white, and blue for Freedemian colors have already gone viral. Watch parties are planned in cities across the nation, including Franklinsburgh. Other countries have been seeing similar bouts of team pride, and this year is expected to be one of the most competitive IFWC yet. Some teams have been practicing trick shots, and several teams have been almost undefeated in practice games. Analysts predict that Freedemia will only make it as far as the 3rd tier of the last 8 teams before getting knocked out by one of the superior teams in the games this year. Either way, it is sure to be entertaining and keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Benicar annouces bid for 2018 Foosball World Cup

Today, the FNF (Federación Nacional de Fúsbol) annouced that their currently in a bid for the 2018 International Foosball World Cup. 2018 will be the first year that the world cup is held in an other country than Freedemia. At the moment, no other countries are in a bid.

In April this year, the 2016 Foosball World Championship will be held. Mariana will face Mahhal in the first round.

Mariana will participate in 2016 International Foosball World Cup

BENICAR – Today is annouced that Mariana will participate with a team of 4 players in the 2016 International Foosball World Cup (IFWC). This will be the first time ever for Mariana to participate. The team will exist of Rolán Benítez (Pabella, Pabella), Alfonso Alba (Narvas, Barzona), Manuel Alba (Narvas, Barzona) and Mauricio Patino (Benicar, Benicar Region).

Mariana is the last of 32 countries that will participate on the tournament. The other countries include Ardisphere, Belphenia, Castellán, Freedemia and a lot more.

This year, the IFWC is not held in the capital of Freedemia, Quentinsburgh, like other editions, but is held in Franklinsburgh. This is because the 2016 Geolympiad will be held in Quentinsburgh.

The tournament will be organised in April 2016.

QUARTA QLine Metro extensions, lines 12 and 13, to be finished around April

QUENTINSBURGH- Construction on several QLine extensions temporarily stopped yesterday as crews take the next few days off to celebrate the New Year’s holiday. The work is coming along quite well on all of the extensions, leading QUARTA to predict the lines should be completed by March and open sometime around March 31st.

Here’s a list of the major extensions under construction and how they will affect the overall system.

Extra tunnel through downtown parallel to 1-3-7 tracks for AirportExpress– The extra two tracks between Fredrick St/Convention Ctr and just north of Quentinsburgh Union Station will allow the AirportExpress to run through downtown with stops at the convention center, state capitol and Union Station without overcrowding the other tracks, which are already the busiest and most crowded in the system. The tunnel is nearly complete and is expected to open in late January.

New elevated track through southern Northcross between line 4 and line 3 for lines 12 and 13– A new elevated extension connecting line 3 in northern Northcross and line 4 in eastern Quentinsburgh is being constructed. When completed, the new line and new stations will be home to new routes 12 (which will run north-south connecting the eastern side of the metropolitan area) and 13 (which will run from Northcross to downtown Quentinsburgh using line 4 tracks, then out to the Geolympiad Complex using line 7 tracks). The extension (along with line 12) is expected to open in mid to late February.

New East-West tunnel in Downtown Quentinsburgh connecting lines 3-7 to lines 2-4 for line 13– A new tunnel along Quentinsburgh Blvd in downtown will help solve the problem of the lack of east west tunnels in downtown while making a path for QUARTA’s newest metro, line 13. The tunnel will be part of a sharp u-turn line 13 will make transferring from line 4 tracks to line 7 tracks. The extension, one of the latest, will likely not open until late March or early April, along with line 13. (Line 13 is expected to be a large help during the 2016 Summer Geolympiad.)

New East West tunnel in Downtown Quentinsburgh under 9th Street to extend line 4– A new tunnel is being constructed around the vicinity of 9th Street to extend line 4 three stops to end at Freeman Square alongside the local 7. The extension also creates the potential for extending line 4 to the airport. While it is expected the extension will be finished in late March, it is last on the priority list and likely will not open until late April.

QUARTA is also constructing an infill station on the Quentins State International University campus. The station, currently unnamed, will be the closest to the center of campus on lines 2, 4, and 13.

QUARTA announces new Airport Express Line, prepping for Geolympiad, possible Line 7 extention

QUENTINSBURGH- A year ago this time, QLine Metro Line 7 ran local only. Today, it runs local and express- and pretty soon, a nonstop airport train will be added to the mix.

QUARTA recently announced plans to add a new special airport express alongside line 7 connecting downtown Quentinsburgh to Sean Bond International Airport. The line, to be named line AX, short for Airport Express, will run from Quentinsburgh Union Station in downtown with a stop at the state capitol  and at the convention center to Sean Bond International Airport with stops at Airport Station and the Rental Car Center. 

The planned route will run basically along the same lines as route 7. However, a new shuttle-style tunnel with only two tracks is being built through downtown so the new Airport Express will not overcrowd already super busy express tracks in downtown along lines 1, 3 and 7. 

The route will initially only run from downtown to the airport. However, for the 2016 Sunmer Geolympiad, it will run all the way out to the Geolympiad Complex in Eastern Quentinsburgh (using regular 7 train express tracks).

Current plans call for stops at Quentinsburgh Union Station, State Capitol/Mark St, Fredrick St/Convention Center, and at the airport transit center and rental car center.

The Airport Express trains, designed as a special model of the Q700 subway cars by Ardispherian Chang y Sainz, will actually have special rack space for luggage and slightly more cushioned comfortable seats for a slightly more luxury ride. 

QUARTA hopes that the new express metro line will help connect everyone from businessmen to politicians to tourists between the airport and the growing downtown, especially considering its stops at the State Capitol and the Convention Center. During the duration of the 2016 Summer Geolympiad the extended trips on the route will likely run under the name GX for Geolympiad Express.

 QUARTA has also announced a feasibility study to investigate the possibility of a Berkeley Ridge extention of the 7 train, to possibly be built alongside the small modifications for the Airport Express.