QUARTA announces new Airport Express Line, prepping for Geolympiad, possible Line 7 extention

QUENTINSBURGH- A year ago this time, QLine Metro Line 7 ran local only. Today, it runs local and express- and pretty soon, a nonstop airport train will be added to the mix.

QUARTA recently announced plans to add a new special airport express alongside line 7 connecting downtown Quentinsburgh to Sean Bond International Airport. The line, to be named line AX, short for Airport Express, will run from Quentinsburgh Union Station in downtown with a stop at the state capitol  and at the convention center to Sean Bond International Airport with stops at Airport Station and the Rental Car Center. 

The planned route will run basically along the same lines as route 7. However, a new shuttle-style tunnel with only two tracks is being built through downtown so the new Airport Express will not overcrowd already super busy express tracks in downtown along lines 1, 3 and 7. 

The route will initially only run from downtown to the airport. However, for the 2016 Sunmer Geolympiad, it will run all the way out to the Geolympiad Complex in Eastern Quentinsburgh (using regular 7 train express tracks).

Current plans call for stops at Quentinsburgh Union Station, State Capitol/Mark St, Fredrick St/Convention Center, and at the airport transit center and rental car center.

The Airport Express trains, designed as a special model of the Q700 subway cars by Ardispherian Chang y Sainz, will actually have special rack space for luggage and slightly more cushioned comfortable seats for a slightly more luxury ride. 

QUARTA hopes that the new express metro line will help connect everyone from businessmen to politicians to tourists between the airport and the growing downtown, especially considering its stops at the State Capitol and the Convention Center. During the duration of the 2016 Summer Geolympiad the extended trips on the route will likely run under the name GX for Geolympiad Express.

 QUARTA has also announced a feasibility study to investigate the possibility of a Berkeley Ridge extention of the 7 train, to possibly be built alongside the small modifications for the Airport Express.


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