In light of 2016 Geolympiad, 2016 International Foosball World Cup moving to Franklinsburgh

FRANKLINSBURGH- It appears Franklinsburgh, Freedemia will be getting an event out of Quentinsburgh winning the privilege of hosting the 2016 Summer Pancontinental Games, otherwise known as the 2016 Geolympiad, after all. To ease the stress put on Quentinsburgh, the International Foosball World Cup, normally hosted by Quentinsburgh, will instead take place in Franklinsburgh.

The biennial (every two years) International Foosball World Cup has always been hosted by the city of Quentinsburgh, Freedemia since the event began in the 1930s. However, last year, after a huge increase in international popularity of the sport, the IFWC Commitee decided that beginning in 2018, cities around the world can bid to host the International Foosball World Cup, with the exceptions of every ten years starting with 2030, when to continue the heritage, Quentinsburgh will host. However, there were originally no plans to move the 2016 IFWC until Quentinsburgh won the bid for the 2016 Summer Geolympiad.

After months of discussions, the IFWC board finally voted 8-3 in favor of moving the 2016 IFWC to Franklinsburgh on Thursday, with the support of both the Quentinsburgh and Franklinsburgh chambers of commerce. Since the event takes place in April, Franklinsburgh will be working overtime to prepare for the big event. Nevertheless, city leaders are happy to get this once in a lifetime chance to host an event that until now had always been hosted by Quentinsburgh.



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