Freedmians soon to see “change” in their currency with two new coins and others discontinued

QUENTINSBURGH- After years of discussion Freedemia will finally be tweaking their coins and banknotes. The legislature voted to discontinue the making of the TwoCoin (fc2) and the Three Freedin bill (f’3) on April 1st, while simultaneously creating a FifthFreedin Coin (fc20) and a HalfFreedin Coin (fc50).

Currently (before the change) there are Freedin Coins worth f’0.02, f’0.05, f’0.10, and f’0.25. However, complaints arose over the fact that 2 cannot go into 5 and 10 cannot go into 25, making it hard to use or receive change. By creating a 20coin and eliminating TwoCoins, all coins smaller than 20 will fit perfectly into a 20coin. The idea behind the HalfFreedin coin is that it will make halving a Freedin easier than using 4 QuarterFreedin Coins. Phasing out the QuarterFreedin slowly is also being considered, but won’t happen anytime soon.

Coins that have been discontinued will still be accepted. However, they will be slowly phased out. Starting in June, prices will either round up to end with 5 or down to end with 0. All prices that end with two coins will round down.

And as for the OneCoin, it is estimated by 2025 it will actually be worth about the same as a FiveCoin considering it has been out of circulation since 1980. Some businesses have said they will accept old OneCoins as alternatives to FiveCoins, although this is not a popular idea as most people with OneCoins want to keep them until they are worth far more.


NFT airs documentary on corruption, calls out Andrew Carmichael, Carmichael sues

Disclaimer- National Freedemian Television is PWN’s largest competitor in Freedemian broadcasting. However, in this article PWN is simply bringing the story.

PERRYVILLE- A neutral Freedemian television network has found itself in a lawsuit after airing a legitimate documentary on political corruption in Freedemia. Graham Executive Andrew Carmichael is suing National Freedemian Television over “politically driven statements”.

NFT News, as part of their A Deeper Look documentary series, recently made a new documentary about political corruption through the years in Freedemia. The program aired Wednesday on television and came out on Webflix the next day.

Most of the individuals who were mentioned and situations discussed in the documentary were based on past corruption, events and scandals. However, the documentary called out current Graham State Executive and billionaire Andrew Carmichael, who is currently running for reelection. The documentary pointed out how almost all his promises were not kept, the lack of spending on projects to help state residents, and how almost all of the few projects that were done went to help the already wealthy in a state with the largest income inequality in the country.

Carmichael responded with a defamation lawsuit, saying the documentary was politically driven in an effort to further hurt his campaign for reelection. NFT insists they were just stating the facts with no intention other than showing political corruption across the board. Carmichael replied with an implied threat to take NFT for everything they own.

When asked, Wooten-Whitaker expressed disappointment but insisted on taking the high road. “I’m not going to politicize this. I think the situation speaks for itself.”

Progress World Network even released a statement supporting NFT, a rare moment amongst fierce competition, saying, “While we will not comment directly on the Carmichael situation, we appreciate NFT’s dedication to bringing the undiluted truth in their broadcasting and news, not holding back the facts for fear of personal loss. Despite competition, PWN greatly respects National Freedemian Television and their honesty and straightforwardness in broadcasting.”

National Freedemian Television is considered one of the Top Four networks in Freedemia, just underneath number 1, Progress World Network, and above number 3, Nationwide Television Network. They have expressed their dedication to keeping affiliates afloat even if somehow they go down in this lawsuit. NFT is considering a countersuit, because only about a year ago Carmichael’s own CarmichaelBroadcasting tried to purchase NFT. Their denial of that offer could be possible motive for the “frivolous lawsuit”, in addition to political reasons.

While it would be hard, Carmichael has enough money to run NFT into the ground. His billions rival the total worth of NFT , forming a pretty large threat for the network in this lawsuit. Even though NFT is expected to win the lawsuit, they could run very low on money by the end. However, they do plan to fight back, fairly, but very hard.

PWN Politics- Houser’s lead over Nelson widens, Wooten-Whitaker’s Executive campaign starts strong, why 2018 could be an interesting year


Patrick Houser’s lead over Marco Nelson widens after debate
A rare moment of agreement in a recent debate seems to have given newscaster Patrick Houser an advantage in the race for vice president over former VP Patrick Houser.
Houser made it clear during the debate that he respected Nelson greatly and planned to go to him for foreign policy advice whenever he was making a tough decision. “Former Vice President Marco Nelson would be the first person I would turn to in trying to figure out foreign policy, and you can quote me on that. I respect him greatly, (turned to Nelson) I want you to know that sir. (Turns back to audience) I just feel like I have an edge on other facets of the vice presidency that would work better with me in office and Nelson as a close advisor than the other way around.” When Nelson was given a chance to respond, he simply laughingly said “I don’t have a word to say! Thank you!”

A post-debate poll by PWN showed the once negligible gap has widened between Patrick Houser and Marco Nelson, with Houser now sitting at 55.4% and Nelson sitting at 45.5%. Further analysis showed some of the people who switched sides perhaps thought Nelson would make a better foreign policy advisor than VP.

Wooten-Whitaker seeing new successes in Executive campaign even after VP race failures
After a humiliating series of events in the Vice President race, things are finally looking bright- Diane Wooten-Whitaker actually is leading in the polls in the Graham state race for State Executive, with about 59% of the vote, while activist Grady Walton sits at 21% and incumbent and billionare Andrew Carmichael sits at a mere 7%. Most people are very tired of the Carmichael executive administration and want something far better.

Even so, Carmichael has already been finding loopholes in the “equal funding” rule, using social media, free ads on his own television network, and the press to slam Wooten-Whitaker left and right. Recent such slams include the reposting of the video of Wooten-Whitaker wetting her pants on stage during a recent VP debate on TweetBook, with the caption “Is this really the future of our state? This is who you want to lead us??” Wooten-Whitaker called the move a “low blow”, and after outcry by her supporters, TweetBook removed the post. Other moves by Carmichael slam at her lack of experience, saying that being a teacher is not enough to fix an educational system, and her lack of “leadership qualities”. Wooten-Whitaker replied to those moves with this statement:

I got humiliated on national television and became the laughingstock of the country. Yet I came back anyway and am working hard, leading the very people who humiliated me, to make a positive difference in the midst of it. Those same people who mocked me are rallying behind me now. That’s leadership, Carmichael. Not sitting in some penthouse while your constituents suffer. #wootenwhitaker #trueleadership #grahamdeservesbetter

One thing that is expected to boost Wooten-Whitaker even higher in the polls is the endorsement by President Angela Rosenthal herself. Rosenthal has been campaigning with Wooten-Whitaker for the last week, saying that she is the right person for the job. Wooten-Whitaker has been trying to make her campaign into the next “Angela Rosenthal underdog story” from the getgo, but with Madame President herself actually spearheading her campaign, it looks like it could finally happen.

The president became very emotional talking about Graham, even shedding a few tears. “As much progress as we have made as a country over these last few years, I… often feel like I’ve failed Graham. You guys haven’t seen nearly as much improvement and growth as the rest of the nation. It almost seemed like the progress we’ve made has… left you guys behind. But you haven’t been forgotten!!! It is honestly very hard to concentrate on one state when the entire nation is your responsibility. Graham needs a local voice who will stand for them. It has become obvious that your current leadership has failed you. In case you haven’t noticed, it’s not normal for a president to campaign with a candidate for State Executive. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t believe very strongly in Diane. I’ve gotten to know her a lot better over these last couple of months. She’s like a little sister to me. But moreover, her plans are possible and doable, and they would work! They will work. I’m here because I believe Diane Hargett Wooten-Whitaker is the one who should be that voice!!!!!!” The emotional message was met by a huge round of applause and a standing ovation.

Going into recent rallies, Wooten-Whitaker had expanded her platform a bit, focusing in the four T’s as the future of Graham- Training (education), Technology, Trade and Tourism.

Trade and tourism are both touchy subjects in Graham. Graham City used to be the biggest city in Freedemia and thrived on being a trade hub and from attracting tourists. Back in the 1960’s Graham City got more visitors than Quentinsburgh, in a time where the nation remained relatively isolated, and served as the major harbor for Freedemia. Today no intercontinental flights go to Graham City, and all major shipping routes bypass the former hub.

Interestingly, she presented Graham City as the best place to take advantage of the recent nudist protection laws for tourism. She explained, showing how if Graham was to truly embrace public nudism and normalize barechestedness to the extent Laneston and Vandover (now considered the naturist capitals of the world) had, Graham City could truly become a nudity embracing metropolis, helping give that last push of identity to the city and state as they try to rebuild and rebrand. Wooten-Whitaker, a proud nudie herself, actually casually went barechested at one rally, encouraged her supporters to do the same, and showed how giving the city that vibe where urban life meets free nudism could be a game changer for the economy statewide.

“Us embracing nudism will not take away from other places’ tourism. It will focus on growing our own, with an emphasis on urban nudism and naturism that’s different from the beach and park nudism and naturism our friends in Laneston and Vandover are so famous around the world for.”

Wooten-Whitaker’s argument for technology hit several similar points. “Likewise, our renewed focus on education and technology will not take away from our friends in Trenchent and San Grande. We can work with different sectors, and not only revitalize Graham and bring our economy, our tourists, and our residents back, but make Freedemia stronger too!!!” She was met with a standing ovation.

Wooten-Whitaker’s argument for trade was a bit more looking at the future. She acknowledged that Freedemia has been gaining more connections to other nations, and that future shipping lines could come to Graham instead of other cities. She proposed incentives to make that more attractive to nations and companies.

2018 could be a very interesting election year
Analysts looking at the likely result of elections this year have concluded that 2018 could be a very interesting and unpredictable election year on the national level.

The vice presidential race between Nelson and Houser will likely very strongly affect 2018, as would the results of Wooten-Whitaker and Redsten’s runs for state executive (Graham and Franklins respectively).

For a second, lets assume the following:
-Houser wins the VP race
-Redsten wins the Franklins Executive race meaning she would not run in 2018
-Wooten-Whitaker wins the Graham Executive race meaning she would not run in 2018
-Nelson runs for president again in 2018 challenging incumbent Rosenthal and VP Houser

In Freedemia, since the 2nd place finisher ends up as second in command, there is a general trend when it comes to presidential elections.  Races without an incumbent tend to be for two very strong opposing candidates because the weaker 3 candidates split the vote. Races with an incumbent tend to be between the current president and current vice president, with challengers splitting the vote.

However, 2018 could be a strange year. If Redsten and Wooten-Whitaker, the second and fourth respectively most supported for a presidential position, aren’t running in 2018, and with former VP Tom Morganson out of politics, the other two challengers besides Marco Nelson may not be strong enough to split the challenger votes. Nelson has gained a large amount of support since his original presidential bid against President Kenderson in the 90’s. Nelson is really the only other name left that could, at least as we can see right now, easily take the election by storm.

This greatly complicates things for President Angela Rosenthal and likely VP Patrick Houser. Without a split vote among their challengers, Nelson could easily overtake at least one of them in the voting. If voters think that Rosenthal has it in the bag and vote for Houser, it could end up being a Houser-Nelson presidency. If Houser and Rosenthal split the vote it could be a Nelson-Houser or Nelson-Rosenthal presidency, or even a Nelson-challenger two presidency if a strong challenger emerges. If supporters only vote for Rosenthal, a Rosenthal-Nelson presidency is likely. Even a Houser-Rosenthal presidency is more likely than a Rosenthal-Houser reelection. This means that 2018 could shake up a lot of the Freedemian political scene. We will just have to wait and see.

Woolonia rebuilding making progress, President Sealy reports; WTR assassin-to-be was part of smaller radical subgroup

WOOLPORT- After months of near stagnant standstill, the last three months have seen great progress in Woolonia’s rebuilding, according to President Ferdinand Sealy at a press conference this morning.

A large amount of the recent improvements have been to ports and the roadway network. When both are completely finished, Woolonia’s capacity for imports and exports will nearly double. The improvements will be especially helpful for transportation of goods for and from Freedemia, Belphenia, and neighboring Maydien across the nation.

The biggest concern about the rebuilding process now is what appears to be an increase in anti-modernist sentiments within the Woolonian Traditionalist Rebels, which could threaten to undo a lot of the progress made. The movement existed since the early 1900’s, and most recently they attempted to overthrow the Woolonian government back in 2013, creating a year long civil war that had created half the destruction that is being rebuilt. There has been no serious action from the group since the war’s end in late 2014. However, in light of a new booming international economy, a modernizing country, an alliance with Freedemia and close trade with Belphenia and neighbor Maydien, it seems like late 2015 and early 2016 have seen a regrowth within the group, angered by what they see as triumphs for the modern organized government and losses for traditionalists. A series of recent statements from the leader of the movement have implied their fight had just begun, and those statements culminated with an assassination attempt on Freedemia’s president.

Recent investigations by both Freedemia and Woolonia have shown the culprit of the attempt, a Saresta Derdenstein of Woolonia, was actually part of a smaller separate group within the WTR that is more violent and more radical, SIWC (Sheep in Wolves Clothing). The Woolonian Traditionalist Rebels have repeatedly denounced aggressive senseless acts of violence, saying that SIWC does not reflect their views, even though they share the same goals. Woolonia is still being very cautious, however, as the WTR did make it clear they were willing to fight.

Despite these sentiments by the WTR, economists and analysts have said that everyone is being helped by the modernization, trade, and the organized government, because despite changes in many lifestyles, the shepherds benefit the most due to the greatly increased demand for sheep and sheep products, a rising economic tide raises all boats, and even the traditional values they fear are disappearing are surprisingly mostly staying the same in the modernized nation, just in a new way.

Woolonia and its allies hope to continue to see progress. Freedemians are especially happy, as they were providing help and finances to fuel the rebuilding process and were greatly disappointed and perhaps at some points angry at the previous lack of progress.

This article came out of Woolport’s new Progress World Network-Woolonia affiliate with some information added from Freedemian PWN stations. PWN is proud to be bringing the same quality news from Woolonia you have come to expect for Freedemia.