WXFI News- Port of Tuphenas open after reconstruction

TUPHENAS- After 4 years of construction, the Port of Tuphenas (POT) has officially opened. “This is a great accomplishment, it will drive the economy of Valiant through the roof,” said Alexander Bershefer, governer of the Valiant Province. The Valiant Province had been in a low point in its economy due to the POT closing to be reconstructed. Imports and exports had grinded to a halt in Valiant since POT was Valiant’s only port. Unemployment rates skyrocketed. Experts say that Valiant will expirence a 5% growth in its economy and Farax will receive a 2% growth.

The new POT will be able to hire about 155,000 new workers. “This will give incredible job oppurtunities to unemployed residents of the Tuphenas Metro Area,” says Janice Evans, the mayor of Tuphenas. The port will not only open up job oppurtunities in the port but also in the corporate sector as well. When the port closed in 2011 it caused many corporations to plument in value which caused layoffs. Since the POT has reopened corporations should boost in value causing new employees to be hired. “Job opportunities are everywhere in the Tuphenas area, this is a huge booster for Valiant’s and all of Farax’s economy,” says Alexander Bershefer.

POT will now be accepting requests by all countries for a reservation of a POT office building. The POT will allow a country to buy 1 office in the port. Each country will be allowed to have imports and exports coming in and out of the POT for themselves. If a country wants to reserve an office in the POT please message iBallasticwolf2 about it and which office the country would like to reserve.


Tourist falls off QLine Subway Platform, into Quentins River, rescued

QUENTINSBURGH- An accident at a elevated QLine station in downtown Quentinsburgh yesterday left a man in the hospital. Ironically, the accident had nothing to do with the subway.

A man fell backwards over the railing of the Wellson/QSU Hospitals station in downtown during a “photo shoot”, falling into the mouth of the Quentins River. 

Gary Frenimore, a man who was visiting Freedemia as a tourist as part of a study abroad opportunity, went to the Wellson/QSU Hospitals subway station to take some pictures of the view of the river. After being pushed on by his friends who accompanied him to the station, he sat on the railing at the southern end of the platform to take a picture. However, a bird flew at Frenimore, who fell backwards over the railing and into the river. After flailing around for about ten minutes, keeping himself in the shallowest water possible, he was rescued by emergency crews to the nearest hospital. Ironically, Frenimore was rescued and taken to the hospital at the other end of the subway platform- Quentins State International University Hospitals (Hence the name Wellson/QSU Hospitals).

The Wellson/QSU Hospitals subway station is very popular with tourists. While it’s a normal station, it’s the first elevated station in downtown and the only one with a view of the mouth of the Quentins River, the downtown skyline, and everything else the area has to offer. It’s very popular for photos, which QUARTA has no problem with- except when safety becomes a concern. QUARTA (the Quentinsburgh Urban Area Rapid Transit Authority) has responded by placing signs along the railing explaining that photos are fine, but that first, it is a subway station first and foremost,  and second, don’t play on the railings- especially when that railing is about 3-4 stories above water.


Quentinsburgh Coast Freeway getting a new alignment around Quentins State International University

QUENTINSBURGH- After years of having a motorway route running straight through the middle of campus, QSU students who don’t live on campus will soon have a new way of getting to class and drivers on Quentinsburgh Blvd will soon have a new traffic pattern to follow.

In the near future, the U-304, otherwise known as the Quentinsburgh Coast Parkway, will be redirected around the QSU campus, solving several traffic issues in downtown Quentinsburgh and in and west of the Quentinsburgh State International University area. The new alignment will go the west of QSU along Quentinsburgh Blvd. However, in order for the new alignment to be convenient and have exits that best serve the QSU campus and the Port Freedemia Harbor.Quentinsburgh Blvd is being given a road diet and will be turned into a one way street northbound, with a parallel road on the other side of the freeway as a one way road southbound. Exits will flow directly off of the freeway onto the corresponding one way streets. This means for the first time, drivers can have easier access to the center of campus with easy access to Grant Street, James Street, Biltmore Street, and Garland Road. Even the northern part of campus is more accessible with a simpler exit.

It is hoped that the new alignment will also help the Port Freedemia Harbor nearby by making access from the U-304, generally used as the truck route for the U-4, much simpler and easier.

This is also great for the freeway’s tight exit with U-7 south of the Quentins River. The new alignment will allow for a complete redoing of the exit, with better access to Freedemian Parkway and downtown and a much smoother exit between the U-7 and U-304.

Quentins State International University and the Freedemian Department of Transportation have big plans for the old extention as well. The old freeway embankment will become a cycleway path and pedestrian plaza through all of the central part of the campus, with artwork and more. The northernmost and southernmost parts, as well as the car exits, are planned to be demolished completely, opening up new development space in downtown and on the North Campus.

Construction is nearing completion and the new extension is expected to open in the next few days. 

The new and old alignments of U-304 in Downtown Quentinsburgh

Sci-fi bestseller “Love Database” awarded Best Monsoon Novel 2015 in Khaiwoon

Jamie Khanra's science fiction story,
Jamie Khanra’s science-fiction bestseller, “Love Database,” winner of Best Monsoon Novel 2015

KHAIWOON — The rainy season in Khaiwoon is sometimes called the “reading season,” that long stretch of hot, humid days between May and September when the city-state experiences roughly two meters of rainfall and people tend to spend many evenings indoors, away from the thunderstorms, with air conditioning and a good book.  And every October when the rains end, the Times of Khaiwoon names its “Best Monsoon Novel” — the best novel that was available during the rainy season — one of the most prestigious honors in modern Khaiwoonese literature.

For the first time ever, this year’s winner is a science-fiction novel:  Love Database, by Khaiwoonese author Jamie Khanra.  Khanra imagines a future Khaiwoon in which a supercomputer has been put in charge of a wide range of social processes, including matchmaking.  To this end it administers an enormous Love Database, containing everything it can possibly learn about the hearts and desires of every citizen of the country, and it utilizes the Love Database to arrange romantic encounters for the entire population.

The novel follows several people from all walks of life as they navigate the surprisingly unlikely choices the Love Database makes for them, and how their lives change as a result.  A mixture of comedy, drama, and love story — with a fair amount of philosophy thrown in for good measure — the novel becomes an exploration of the often enormous gap between what people think will make them happy and what actually will.

Khanra, 37, a graduate of the University of Khaiwoon, is a computer programmer and first time author who had been working on the story in his spare time for over five years, before finally getting it published in February.  He said he has been amazed by the novel’s success in the bookstores, yet still never imagined that it would be selected for this award.

“It’s a shock,” he told reporters at his apartment in the Oktogon Hill neighborhood this morning. “It’s a huge honor.  I just hope my story, and this story, will be an inspiration to help people reach deep inside their hearts and discover whatever path will make them truly happy in life.”

Goytakanya’s Foreign Minister Burkym Eb Amuteb responds to Suvumese threats toward Neo Delta

BHAGURAH, GOYTAKANYA — The Goytakanian Minister of Foreign Relations, Burkym Eb Amutab, published a note aggressively replying to the recent declarations from the Suvumese government.

He said the Suvumese government is out of arguments:
“They speak about us, as if we are a terrorist people to the rest of the world. But in the same official note, they do psychological terrorism against Neo Delta, saying, in hidden lines, that the people from Neo Delta will be not welcome anymore in Suvuma if Neo Delta continues maintaining relations with Goytakanya.”

Amuteb used irony as well:
“The Suvumese regime really loves to talk about the Suvumese civilians killed in that attack in Bhagurah, forty years ago, but why do they never mention the Goytakano civilians killed in the same event?”

The minister also asked some questions:
“Suvuma forgets some points. If was not for the old Goytakano governors, there would not be national unity in Suvuma today. There are a lot of ethnicities in Suvuma, and Goytakanians were responsible for uniting all under one country. Why do they ignore this fact of their “glorious” history? Now Goytakanians are no longer welcome in Suvuma, suffering discrimination, and yet Suvuma’s regime tries to deny the independence of our own motherland?”

“We came from Goytakanya – this island was not a conquered land,” said Burkym, finally.

Freedemia’s President Rosenthal makes speech imploring an end to international conflicts

QUENTINSBURGH- In light of all of the recent international conflicts that have picked up around the world, Freedemian President Angela Rosenthal made a speech that was less addressed to the Freedemian public and more addressed to the global community, pleading for the end goal to be peace.

Within the last year, it seems like conflicts around the world have greatly increased. Earlier this year, the Drevet-Vienna-Belphenia conflicts caused a lot of concern around the globe, although it eventually was resolved. Woolonia saw a time of such political instability that it broke in half, though it has ended mostly peacefully and the nation, now only the western part of what it used to be, is in recovery. Relations between Karolia and Belphenia have been further strained by recent events, such as the upholding of the Siikesilla ban in Belphenia and a recent music video out of Karolia. Most recently, conflicts between Suvuma and Goytakanya appear to be increasing, even with threat of military action.

“Fighting and arguing solves nothing. It hurts you, the nation you are arguing with, the citizens of those nations, and the rest of the world around you. The global community CANNOT survive and thrive when it’s this divided. There’s a better way,” Rosenthal states, “and that involves working together, despite differences.”

President Rosenthal made it very clear that an effort for peace does not mean giving up your nation’s core values. Freedemia was founded on very strong Godly values, and has continued to stick to those values in the nation’s actions over the years, even when dealing with other nations that do not share the same beliefs. Many of the nation’s Freedemia is in close relations with are very secular societies, yet they have positive relations, with primarily economic connections. Freedemia takes its values seriously in deciding every action that it makes. If a certain partnership would go against those beliefs, they don’t join that partnership, but they explain that to the nation respectfully with the attempt to  maintain good understanding and avoid conflict. Despite the major differences between Freedemia and many of its allies, Freedemia has never seen a large military conflict. Many, including Rosenthal, believe Freedemia’s handling of situations peacefully is a large reason why.

“I am in no wise saying that a nation should ever compromise their core values in an effort to have ‘peace’,” she stated speaking at the large press conference. “But what I am saying is that you can be true to your nation’s beliefs without going to war or having conflicts with those who do not believe the same. Conflicts, whether over policy, land, resources, or anything else that does not involve immediate harm to the nation, can be resolved peacefully. I DID NOT SAY they will go away. Differences can and most likely will remain. But it’s important for the international community to respect each other to avoid unnecessary conflicts.”

Freedemia has been working hard for the last century or so to keep a neutral stance on all conflicts around the world. While Freedemia has many “allies” around the world, only Woolonia is an official ally that would actually be assisted by Freedemia in the case of a conflict.

President Rosenthal also implored the international community that especially in militaristic conflicts to recognize that corrupt governments are not the same thing as corrupt citizens. “You may have a conflict with another nation’s government. that could even be justified in certain situations. But most of the time, most of the citizens of the nation are innocent bystanders, who are pleading for a resolution to the conflict. Just because a nation is ruled by a corrupt government does not mean its citizens agree.” She pointed out that in many countries, especially those with the most corruption, the nation as a population of citizens and the nation as a government are two different entities.

Rosenthal ended with some brief points about Freedemia’s benefitting from good relations, strong economic partnerships and low military costs, hoping other nations would see those as an incentive to avoid and end conflicts.

Suvuma threatens Neo Delta over recently opened Goytakanya embassy

goytakanya-conflictST. RICHARDS, PRETANY — The Suvumese regime has issued a stern public warning to Neo Delta’s government, in response to that country’s recent decision to establish diplomatic relations with Goytakanya, the disputed island asserting independence from Suvuma.

The statement, delivered to Neo Delta’s ambassador in Suvuma this morning, but also released to international media by the Suvumese delegation at the Assembly of Nations in St. Richards, reads as follows:

“The Suvumese people have long enjoyed a warm friendship with Neo Delta, and especially our close neighbors in the Brugas Archipelago. Over the years we have forged an important economic partnership, offering unparalleled opportunities for trade and development, access to dynamic growing markets and vast natural resources, and unlimited use of key airspace and sea lanes for the safe travel of passengers and cargo. We have always welcomed the people of Neo Delta and Brugas into our cities, villages and homes, and we have always trusted them as valued friends and allies.”

“Neo Delta’s recent rhetoric supporting the Goytakano terrorists, lawless enemies of the Suvumese state and shameless murderers of their fellow Suvumese citizens, is a saddening betrayal of that longtime trust and friendship.  It is also a profound insult to the countless Suvumese heroes who sacrificed their lives in the fight to preserve the peace and unity of Suvuma, and to the grieving families who mourn their loss.”

“Forty years ago, Goytakano terrorists seized power from Suvumese authorities in Bhagurah; displacing, attacking and murdering innocent Suvumese civilians. These were bloodthirsty criminals; their actions violated international law; their rule has always been illegal; and the land they tried to steal has always remained part of Suvuma.  By declaring exactly the opposite — that the terrorist reign is legitimate, deserving recognition and respect from the world — Neo Delta has abandoned any claim to neutrality in this conflict and any possible role as a peacemaker.  Neo Delta has firmly sided against the Suvumese people.”

“It is completely unacceptable for a foreign power to support an illegal domestic insurrection on Suvumese territory, and therefore the Suvumese Federal Republic has no choice but to request that Neo Delta reverse its decision and renounce the Goytakano terrorist entity, with the reminder that failure to do so will result in severe diplomatic consequences.”

The statement did not specify details, but Suvuma is known for its policy of breaking ties with any country that establishes relations with Goytakanya.  Meanwhile sources in Neo Delta indicated that that country’s leaders planned to hold a meeting soon to discuss their response.