2016 Summer Geolympiad- a win for Quentinsburgh, a win for wholesome activities

QUENTINSBURGH- Huge crowds waiting for the final result in the voting for the 2016 Summer Geolympiad/ Pancontinental games erupted into cheering earlier today as the announcement was made that Quentinsburgh, Freedemia had won the bid and would be hosting the huge international event in the summer of 2016.

Quentinsburgh has, for the last few years, made more and more of an effort to become the next big global city. Over the past few years, improvements to public transit, roadways, airports, other infrastructure, and even just general new development have helped move Quentinsburgh forward in this way. However, this is the first win for Quentinsburgh on an international scale.

Over these same last few years, Freedemia has been working hard to increase friendly relations with other countries around the world, and so far this has been successful. President Angela Rosenthal has been concentrating greatly on improving tourism and economy by connecting more with other nations.

However, this bid has been seen as more than just a win for the city of Quentinsburgh itself, or even for the United Freedemian Union. The bid also stood for a win for wholesome activities.

In the past, Geolympiad Village has been known to be home to lots of inappropriate partying and sexual activities, an issue usually ‘solved’ by a large pharmaceutical company giving out lots of condoms. However, the Quentinsburgh Bid Committee had launched a new initiative known as the “Redefine Geolympiad Village” project. The idea was to instead provide athletes and visitors with a very large amount of fun wholesome activities, such as a free day at Thrill Planet Amusement Park for athletes and their families, an international festival for tourists and visitors, and more. This was, at the time of putting in the bid, a controversial idea that many on the bid committee feared would be shot down very quickly by the international audience. However, the bid performed very well, and many were greatly surprised by the positive response.

Quentinsburgh has also spent lots of time and planning to work on engraining the Geolympiad experience into the core of the city. Plans are in the works for viewing events, tourism, and more. Time has also been put into making the experience the best possible for the athletes, including temporary healthcare plans, five-star accommodations, and more.

President Rosenthal cheerfully announced earlier today that “Today is the first day of the future of Quentinsburgh and the United Freedemian Union!!!”

As Quentinsburgh finally steps out onto the world stage for the first time, today showed that it indeed “is time” and Quentinsburgh truly is “ready”.

More preparations are underway, and more information is to come as it is available.

Logo for the 2016 Quentinsburgh Summer Geolympiad.

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