Franklinsburgh begins final preparations for International Foosball World Cup

FRANKLINSBURGH- Large preparations are underway in the heart of Franklinsburgh, a city preparing for an opportunity of a lifetime, as the International Foosball World Cup comes to the city.

2016 is the first year in IFWC history that a city other than Quentinsburgh will host the International Foosball World Cup. Starting in 2018, the games will be open to be hosted by cities around the world. As the games will come back to Quentinsburgh every 10 years (every 5 games) and generally will be international for the other 4 games, the chances that the games will come back to Franklinsburgh anytime soon is very unlikely. This will possibly be a one time experience for Freedemia’s third largest and third most popular city, one that city leaders and residents hope to take advantage of.

Freedemia used to be the largest home for foosball heritage in the world, but as the sport’s popularity has grown so much recently, the IFWC board felt it was the right time to allow the world to be further involved.

The International Foosball World Cup will be the week of April 19th- April 23rd, culminating with Saturday’s championship series at Callenday Stadium. Some of the early series will take place at Sesame Harrison Memorial Stadium on the State Fairgrounds. Each stadium can support 2 games at one time, and since a series takes about an hour and a half, several games can happen in one day.

The downtown area is being redecorated for the event, with new banners and other things lining downtown streets. Special bus lines are being added, and the subway line to the airport is going to be given new signage to direct tourists. Special regulation foosball tables have been brought to Freedemia, and the stadiums are, for the first time, being set up for a major foosball tournament. PWN Sports is preparing to provide exclusive coverage of the event.

Tickets are nearly sold out, and nationalism among Freedemians and other countries surrounding their teams is growing. Several Freedemian fans have made it clear they plan to camp out before the game. Pictures of men and women with their chests painted red, white, and blue for Freedemian colors have already gone viral. Watch parties are planned in cities across the nation, including Franklinsburgh. Other countries have been seeing similar bouts of team pride, and this year is expected to be one of the most competitive IFWC yet. Some teams have been practicing trick shots, and several teams have been almost undefeated in practice games. Analysts predict that Freedemia will only make it as far as the 3rd tier of the last 8 teams before getting knocked out by one of the superior teams in the games this year. Either way, it is sure to be entertaining and keep viewers on the edge of their seats.


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