Khaiwoon’s “Khinba” turns 50

A skyscraper in central Khaiwoon wishes Khinba a happy 50th.
A skyscraper in central Khaiwoon wishes Khinba a happy 50th.

KHAIWOON – Khinba, the fictional schoolgirl-detective and arguably the most famous Khaiwoonese citizen in the world, turned fifty years old yesterday, though she is still officially ten.

The petite cartoon sleuth, produced by Khainimation Studios in Khaiwoon, made her television debut in 1965 on the public broadcaster KiTCh, switching over to the private KTV network in 1971. Today “Khinba” is one of the longest-running and most widely distributed television series in the world, broadcast in over fifty countries and twenty languages.

The adventures of the optimist Khinba, and her pessimist sidekick Winston the Rabbit, have also been made into nearly 600 volumes of comic books, twelve feature-length animated films, and eight video games. Last November, she was selected to appear on Khaiwoon’s annual license plate sticker for 2015, affixed to every vehicle in the city-state, in honor of her fifty years of achievements.

A ceremony marking the anniversary of Khinba’s first broadcast was held yesterday at the Presidential Residence, where Khaiwoonese President Bukhwa Naikhet awarded the animated character the prestigious Order of Khaiwoon, in recognition of “a half-century of exceptional crimefighting and representing the very best of Khaiwoon around the globe.”

A spokesman for Khainimation joked that Winston the Rabbit was “slightly disappointed” at not being inducted into the Order alongside Khinba, but that “he’ll get over it, eventually.”

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