A Fresh Look for Khaiwoonese Football

New home kit for the Khaiwoonese national team.

KHAIWOON — Officials of the Khaiwoonese national football team, popularly known as the “Wepphu” (WEP-fuh), presented the team’s new home and away kits to fans and media today in a special event held at National Stadium in Oktogon Hill.  The team’s nickname derives from Khaiwoon’s national bird, the wepphu.

The kits, created by Gobrassian designer Orbun Amoreri for Victorie sportswear, keep Khaiwoon’s traditional red and gold colors while changing the waves to more closely match those of the national flag, and introducing a new, larger font for the numbering.

Amoreri, a native of Gobras City, joked about his country’s stunning 3-1 loss to Khaiwoon at last year’s South Central Cup.

“After the 2014 disaster, I couldn’t imagine that I would ever do anything to help the Wepphu,” he said.

“But when I heard that they couldn’t find a decent designer here in Khaiwoon, I decided to take pity on them,” he added, to raucous laughter.

Khaiwoon team president Martin Hobarow replied that the Wepphu are looking forward to playing the Gobrassian national team again in the near future “if Gobrassanya think they can handle it,” he smiled.

The Khaiwoonese team will wear their new kits for the first time next week, in a special exhibition match against West Commonia.

New Bridge Fire in Wake of Memorial for 2014 Collapse

Villa Constitución, May 22, 2015 – A day after the ceremony held opening the new vehicle span of the Costumbres bridge north of the capital, a raging fire erupted at the start of morning rush hour on the aging Avenida 3 tram and vehicle bridge at Calle 29.

Apparently some homeless youths camping under the bridge caused the fire, which quickly raged out of control due to some nearby stored diesel fuel belonging to the railroad and the flammable wooden substructure of the old bridge.

It is a major image setback for the RUTA transportation agency, which is responsible for the bridge, and whose director only yesterday gave a heartfelt pledge to turn over a new leaf and improve maintenance and inspection of the system’s aging infrastructure.

It also is indicative of the increasing problem of youth unemployment and homelessness in the Ardispherian metropolis, and it will likely impact the tone of the presidential campaigns leading up to the election scheduled for this August. Incumbent president Montserrat Nowak de Chang (Socialist) has been repeatedly attacked by both the opposition candidates for her failure to solve the gangs problem in the capital, and for the frequent small-scale scandals that have been plaguing the ministry of transportation and the RUTA agency.

In the wake of the fire, the Avenida 3 bridge has been closed, and Bronze line trams will have to terminate on each side of the bridge with temporary buses provided for through service. Since all the Bronze line tram routes cross the bridge (except Line 98), the cost to the private tram operating company (Compañía Capitalina de Tranvías) will be substantial. It is unclear to what extent the government will provide assistance – a company spokewoman suggested company disaster insurance may cover some aspects, but if government negligence is found liable for the bridge fire, the insurance company may pursue a claim against the government. The other possible liable party would be the Ferrocarriles Orientales, which was responsible for the diesel stored in the rail yard under the bridge.

A VC fire department spokeman stated that the diesel was not properly stored, and should not have been so close to the bridge, given its obvious age and wooden structual components. The spokesman was unable to confirm that any rules or laws had been violated, however.

Avenida 3 Calle 29 Bridge Map

Sickness on luxury cruise ship sends 120 to hospital

The Plurinesian Sunrise in port at Khaiwoon.
The Plurinesian Sunrise in port at Khaiwoon.

KHAIWOON — The Plurinesian Sunrise, a luxury cruise ship owned by Plurinesian Cruise Lines, Ltd., arrived at Khaiwoon Cruise Terminal this morning with 117 passengers and three crew members requiring hospitalization for a form of gastrointestinal virus they contracted while onboard.

The cruise, which was returning from Tsakuna and other destinations in Niulutan-Riu, had originated in Khaiwoon two weeks earlier.  Passengers began reporting sickness while the ship was still in Niulutan-Riu, but the full scale of the outbreak was not realized until yesterday afternoon, when the ship was about halfway back to Khaiwoon, approximately 200 kilometers northeast of the city-state.

The ship docked in Khaiwoon at approximately 4 o’clock this morning and affected passengers were taken to Baipatmat Hospital and New Central Hospital.  A spokeswoman for Khaiwoon’s Health Ministry stated that all of the passengers were in stable condition and were expected to fully recover within the coming days. Khaiwoon’s Office of Disease Control will be conducting a full investigation of the incident while the ship remains in port.

This outbreak was the second in as many months for Plurinesian.  A similar virus swept through the Plurinesian Paradise while it was sailing in Onnutu last month, sending more than 85 passengers to hospitals in Leluwa.