QUARTA announces new Airport Express Line, prepping for Geolympiad, possible Line 7 extention

QUENTINSBURGH- A year ago this time, QLine Metro Line 7 ran local only. Today, it runs local and express- and pretty soon, a nonstop airport train will be added to the mix.

QUARTA recently announced plans to add a new special airport express alongside line 7 connecting downtown Quentinsburgh to Sean Bond International Airport. The line, to be named line AX, short for Airport Express, will run from Quentinsburgh Union Station in downtown with a stop at the state capitol  and at the convention center to Sean Bond International Airport with stops at Airport Station and the Rental Car Center. 

The planned route will run basically along the same lines as route 7. However, a new shuttle-style tunnel with only two tracks is being built through downtown so the new Airport Express will not overcrowd already super busy express tracks in downtown along lines 1, 3 and 7. 

The route will initially only run from downtown to the airport. However, for the 2016 Sunmer Geolympiad, it will run all the way out to the Geolympiad Complex in Eastern Quentinsburgh (using regular 7 train express tracks).

Current plans call for stops at Quentinsburgh Union Station, State Capitol/Mark St, Fredrick St/Convention Center, and at the airport transit center and rental car center.

The Airport Express trains, designed as a special model of the Q700 subway cars by Ardispherian Chang y Sainz, will actually have special rack space for luggage and slightly more cushioned comfortable seats for a slightly more luxury ride. 

QUARTA hopes that the new express metro line will help connect everyone from businessmen to politicians to tourists between the airport and the growing downtown, especially considering its stops at the State Capitol and the Convention Center. During the duration of the 2016 Summer Geolympiad the extended trips on the route will likely run under the name GX for Geolympiad Express.

 QUARTA has also announced a feasibility study to investigate the possibility of a Berkeley Ridge extention of the 7 train, to possibly be built alongside the small modifications for the Airport Express.


Neo Delta opens new national park in a crater site

MALOJDEH – The Department of Parks and Recreation of Neo Delta in the Ministry of the Environment of the country has announced the inauguration of its most recent national park in the state of Attu Perza. The Sidera Crater National Park is the largest of Neo Delta and encompasses the entire area of the Sidera crater site, where an asteroid has crashed around 50 million years ago.

Sidera Crader from the viewpoint of the park. Source: Pixabay.

The park hosts the Astronomy Center of the National University of Neo Delta, it also has several trekking routs and a viewpoint of the entire crater in one of its borders. The entrance of the park is through the town of Sidera, less than 2 hours from the Malojdeh International Airport and the East Zaudge Airport. It is open to visitation from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., from Tuesdays until Sundays.

Map of the Park from OGF.

Stepstone announces StepstoneOS 5.0, StepPad ProBook and StepWatch for New Years’ Shopping Season

QUENTINSBURGH- The New Year’s shopping season in Freedemia is quickly approaching and several major companies are already preparing new ideas for shoppers. 

Stepstone Technology is no exception. At a press conference and unveiling event, Stepstone’s CEO revealed a new operating system and two devices that consumers and techies have been awaiting for a long time.

StepstoneOS 5.0 is expected to be released on new devices starting December 5th, and will be available for download to older devices on December 7th. The new operating system brings several new features. Some of its biggest points are increased compatibility with QuinOS and osO to bring the seamless experience even to competitors’ devices. Other features include a new improved web browser, a new user interface that is more customizable and looks more modern, and support for updated versions of older QuinTech programs.

They also unveiled two long awaited products. The StepPad ProBook would perhaps be better categorized as less of a tablet and more of a portable touchscreen all-in-one personal computer. The device consists primarily of a large touchscreen “tablet” the size of a laptop monitor. The “tablet” is about an inch thicker than the sleek thin StepPadThree because it contains the entire power of the computer. However, it makes up for it by including a CD-ROM player, two flash drive ports and everything else normally only included in laptops or desktops. The device also comes with a keyboard that connects to the monitor like a laptop; however, the keyboard can be used attached or detached as long as it is charged, and the improved on screen keyboard acts as a fine alternative. The StepPad ProBook is not made so much to be a tablet as much as Stepstone’s first ever portable all-in-one desktop that can be used like a tablet. It will even be available (for an additional cost) with a built in wifi hotspot or a data plan when purchased, a feature expected to be added to the next line of StepBooks and StepPads and already available on StepPhones.

The other device is perhaps less powerful, but more exciting- the long awaited StepWatch! The beta version of Stepstone’s first smartwatch will be available in early December for a reduced cost, while the full version is expected in early 2016 and can be preordered starting Monday. The full version of the device is expected to be the most powerful smartwatch on the market- due to it being larger than the competition’s smart watches and having Stepstone’s distinct operating system, it will actually operate with full phone capacity- with the only main difference being the home screen, specially designed to be a power saving digital clock face that stays on at all times. Battery life on the beta version is only about 24 hours, but the finished version is expected to have 4 times as long of a battery life. Those who purchase the beta version will pay a greatly reduced cost to upgrade when the full version comes out.

The new devices will be available starting on Shopping Season Saturday (the first Saturday in December, this year being Dec 5th, when stores all across Freedemia start having huge deals on gifts for the New Years Holiday).

Erzaleria moves Goytakanyo refugees to Belphenia

Nami (News 9 Erzaleria) – The Goytakanyo refugees who tried to illegally enter Erzalerian soil and were deported by the Erzaleria Maritime Border Police, have been moved to Zerephine City in Belphenia by the use of cruise liners, according to the Erzalerian government.

Erzaleria’s prime minister Māhoe ʻAukai said that the Erzalerian government is already helping the Belphenian government to set up a refugee camp for fleeing Goytakanyo refugees in Zerephine City. She later contacted Freedemia leader Angela Rosenthal about the transportation of the deported refugees to Belphenia after hearing her remark about nations supposed to move refugees to other countries who can accept them instead of deporting the refugees to their home country where the conflicts took place. Rosenthal later apologized for getting the wrong impression from the media about what happened and thanked the Erzalerian and Belphenian governments for explaining and doing the right thing by using cruise liners to move the refugees to a safe place in Zerephine City.

In Nami’s Strawberry Passage area, construction contractors said the refugee camp is still not finished in which that was likely caused the Maritime Border Police to deport the refugees at the time of the seizure of three vessels and dozens of lifeboats. On November 21, Belphenia sent four cruise liners to the Port of Erzaleria to move the fleeing refugees to Zerephine City, one day after the theocratic nation made their decision to accept 15,000 refugees according to Belphenian state media.

On November 25, the four cruise liners filled with refugees docked at the Port of Zerephine and were transported by buses from Ackerman to the refugee camp in Zerephine City.

Hurricane Obodo could hit Farax

MARIORA- Hurricane Obodo, currently in the ocean north of Farax, could hit Quphellas. Weather reports suggest that the Level 3 Hurricane Obodo is heading southeast, from it’s current location northwest of Farax. If the reports are right, the hurricane would follow a similar path that devasting Hurricane Carly followed in 2009.

When Hurricane Carly hit the northern Quphellas coastline in May of 2009, it caused massive damage to Mariora and the eastern Fremont-Monhiel Metro Area. The level 5 hurricane had damaged thousands of buildings and displaced thousands of residents. It also damaged infrastructure, such as making Wetland Road, which had been the route for FR 100 at the time, useless. The road is still being repaired today. The hurricane also damaged Froiengamean Air Army Base, which caused the base to close down for 3 months.

Farax National Weather Serive (FNWS) director Wesley Graham released this statement on Friday morning.

“Weather reports from FNWS has suggested that Hurricane Obodo could hit the northern Quphellas coastline within several days. The Hurricane is a level 3 and could cause damage to the Mariora and FM Metro areas.”

Hurricane Obodo path

The possible path of Hurricane Obodo shown here.

Residents of northern Quphellas have been advised to evacuate the Mariora Metro area if possible. It is highly recommended that any citizen in the area who cannot evacuate should not go outside, and that they should stay in their basement or bathroom inside their residence since those are the safest parts of a typical house. Residents who live in a multi-story building or a trailer are recommended to go to a Hurricane Shelter.



Tourism and Trade in Freedemia- A rising economic tide raises all boats

VANDOVER- Freedemia has always been a friendly nation, but for quite some time it was quite an isolationist nation. For most of its existence, there was not a large amount of international trade or tourism. However the country has opened up much further to the outside world in recent years, creating new economic ties with many nations.

This has been very good news for many major cities across the region. New economic opportunities and a boom in tourism have been helping several cities experience growth and financial stability.

Tourism has become quite the help for many cities, with each major city creating its own personality to attract international tourists. 

For Quentinsburgh, that personality has to do with the city’s modern, yet historic feel. Being the capital of Freedemia and the second biggest city, it is also the most visited and more recently the most chosen for big international events and locations. Quentinsburgh will be hosting the 2016 Summer Geolympiad (also known as the Pancontinental Games) in July, which is a huge honor and will attract hundreds of thousands of athletes and tourists to the city and the surrounding areas.

Laneston and Vandover have boomed in tourism as well, as the world begins to rediscover their beautiful beaches, luscious greenspace and expansive parks, and their rich naturist culture. The cities are seeing such a boom in tourism that FreedemiAir is planning on adding international flights between Vandover and several major international cities, and VAULT, the transit system, and RDOT (the Reeds Department of Transportation) have been given huge funding amounts to fix up the cities further to attract even more tourists.

Franklinsburgh has been benefitting a lot off of Quentinsburgh’s success. Hosting the Geolympiad is a big job- and because of that, Quentinsburgh is having Franklinsburgh host a lot of the smaller events in 2016 that would normally have taken place in Quentinsburgh, such as the International Foosball World Cup. Franklinsburgh and sister city Lake Grander also attract a lot of “lake tourism”, surrounded by natural forests for the avid camper, and more recently they’ve been attracting things like international conferences.

Anneitasburgh has the personality of an older city, and that attracts a lot of tourists. While the city outside of the center is quite modern, Anneitasburgh’s Old City in downtown is one of the most preserved in the nation. As it grows in popularity and more people discover it, it is becoming a rich heritage site for those looking for that true historic feel.

Laneston, Haroldsborough, and Quentinsburgh have also greatly benefitted from increased trade, as their major ports flourish, creating new jobs and helping the cities’ economies greatly.

Overall, it seems like Freedemia has greatly benefitted from globalization- tourism and trade opportunities have helped bring the country to a world stage.

Secretive Udenarrat intelligence agency advertises world’s strangest job

GOBRAS CITY — It isn’t a job for everybody… For the past week, adverts have been running around the world for a job few people would envy. It isn’t paid, it involves a huge amount of travel and there is a chance of never seeing your friends and family again. There’s not even the honor and glory that goes with being an astronaut – the only job that might be remotely similar. On top of that half your time is likely to be spent tending a small garden plot, by hand. It is a job as a representative of ‘Telkhug Ēkdŭn’, the secretive intelligence agency based on the remote island of Ūdzđąnąrąt (Udenarrat to you and me).

The two minute advert starts with some previously unseen footage from the island. It shows half-naked men and women living in small villages surrounded by mountains, tangled forest and swamp. The climate looks warm and moist with clouds and rain hiding the peaks. The birds and bugs though are a marvel to see (apparently some of these have never been recorded by science). There are huge iridescent butterflies, multi-colored lizards, frogs and hundreds of brightly colored birds. At the end of the sequence we see some large birds, which, it is claimed, are the planet’s last living dodos. And we thought they were extinct! A few apparently still survive on this island that time forgot.

But the job may not be based on the island all the time: the positions advertised are for representatives to the Assembly of Nations – based in St Richards, Pretany – and candidates must also be expected to wander these corridors of power (though how this ties in with allotment tending is very unclear). Prospective candidates should apply, by tweeter or email to the Telkhug Ēkdŭn embassy in Gobras City, Gobrassanya (telkhug_e@ ūdzđąnąrąt.nongov.ud) or go to the agency’s dedicated webpage. A representative said they’d already had a number of applications – but that any sane person would be crazy enough to volunteer for a job like that is beyond us!