Wiwaxia’s The Unspeakable Distance of the Stars wins 2016 Golden Delta Film Festival

EZAJUN – 23 films from 21 countries around the world were selected for the 2016 Golden Delta Film Festival, that took place in Ezajun, Neo Delta, last December. Since the nominations were announced, in the beginning of that same month, The Unspeakble Distance of the Starsthe science fiction comedy-drama from Wiwaxia, made headlines, gathering the most nominations for the festival. When the results were announced, in a ceremony with stars from the cinema world, all the expectations were comfirmed and the Wiwaxian film received 3 awards: best film, best actress, and best screenplay. Hyansen so Felwe (The Troubles of Peace) from Kojo, got two awards, including best director.

One of the stars of the night was Karolina Klimešová, from Drabantia, who won the award for best supporting actrees: ‘I just don’t know what to say. Such a surprise! Thank you!’, said Klimešová during her speech at the ceremony. The best song category was one of the most difficult to predict and went for the film Hermano Mathías, from Balonis. Mike Dawning, from the Pasalian film Where Are You, My Brother? gave one of the most emotional speeches of the night. Other highlights were the best documentary, A Long Way From Bhagurah, from Lallemend, and the acclaimed Hopponese film, 顎に矢印 (Arrow to Chin), that won best animation.

See the comple list of winners below or click here.

2016 winners

2016 winners


One month after typhoon in Iucan, Brugas – Neo Delta gets ready for the Isle & City Games

TAIAGO – After more than one month of the passage of the Typhoon Nakoe through the city of Iucan, in the Brugas archipelago (Neo Delta), which has brought destruction to the city and other areas of the islands, efforts are being taken in order to rebuild the most affected places and  get the archipelago ready to host the next edition of the Isle & City Games.

Although Iucan is not expected to host ny sport events (the closest event shall take place in Danipa), the area is well-known for the Jolia Beach and the Janni Dunes, which attract thousands of tourists every year. Most of the events of the Isle and City Games will take place in Taiago, the capital of Brugas, in the newly build Athletic Village. The region was not greatly affected by the typhoon. Even so, the organization of the games decided to hold the beginning of the event.

Flooding and damaged areas of Iucan – Brugas.

Some areas of Iucan still suffer with eventual floods during rainy periods. The government of Brugas started a campaign to gather money and resources parts of Iucan. It is expected that more six months will be needed to Iucan look like it was before the typhoon.


Typhoon Nakoe to hit Iucan and other cities in Brugas, Neo Delta

DANIPA – Typhoon Nakoe is expected to make landfall near the city of Iucan in the Danipa Island next Friday night (local time).

The Taiago Climate Observatory said that Nakoe was the equivalent of a Category 1 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale until this morning, but it is expected to lose strengh as it hit the Brugas archipelago. Winds could reach 93 mph as of Wednesday afternoon.

Nakoe Thyphoon
Typhoon Nakoe approaching the Brugas Archipelago.

More than 76 milimeters of rain is expected in the region of north Danipa and the Reme Islands.

In Iucan, thousands of citzens evacuated the eastern part of the city, which must be hit by strong winds and heavy  waves in the Iucan Beach. Hundreds of people took refuge in government shelters across the city. Cities of Danipa, Fluka, Tedema and Reme are also in alert. More than 20 flights to and from Danipa might be canceled. In Iucan, bus and tram services will be suspended on Friday evening.

Authorities expect Nakoe to weaken to a tropical storm but still to produced heavy rain in areas north Danipa, mainly in Iucan.


Victory for Animal Rights: Zoos forbidden in all over Neo Delta

MALOJDEH – More than two decades after the government listened to the protests of the population of Neo Delta and closed its last zoo, the country has now made it official: zoos are forbidden anywhere within the nation. Activists have argued that the end of zoos is an important step to end humanity’s dominion over all other creatures.

Penguins in Frago, south Neo Delta. Source: Pixabay.
Penguins in Frago, south Neo Delta. Source: Pixabay.

In a recent interview, the Minister of the Environment, Arta Luje-Oteh has said that “a country shouldn’t want animals in captivity or enclosed in any manner unless it is to save their lives and help endangered species” and she explained that people must fight for animal rights the same way we fight for human rights.

When the last zoo was closed, back in 1988, captive animals that couldn’t be released into the wild were cared for in rescue centers and sanctuaries throughout Neo Delta.

Neo Delta opens new national park in a crater site

MALOJDEH – The Department of Parks and Recreation of Neo Delta in the Ministry of the Environment of the country has announced the inauguration of its most recent national park in the state of Attu Perza. The Sidera Crater National Park is the largest of Neo Delta and encompasses the entire area of the Sidera crater site, where an asteroid has crashed around 50 million years ago.

Sidera Crader from the viewpoint of the park. Source: Pixabay.

The park hosts the Astronomy Center of the National University of Neo Delta, it also has several trekking routs and a viewpoint of the entire crater in one of its borders. The entrance of the park is through the town of Sidera, less than 2 hours from the Malojdeh International Airport and the East Zaudge Airport. It is open to visitation from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., from Tuesdays until Sundays.

Map of the Park from OGF.

Freedemia asks countries to deport refugees to countries that will accept them, announces special flights to Bhagurah for Refugees

QUENTINSBURGH- President Angela Rosenthal released another statement today, this time in response to getting word of Goytakanyan refugees being deported from other nations.

Earlier this morning, OGN reported that Erzaleria had caught three ships of Goytakanyan refugees as they tried to enter illegally, and deported them. However, the article did not say where they were deported to. President Rosenthal is currently trying to get in contact with Erzalerian leaders to gain more information.

In the meantime, however, she made a public statement, saying that while she understands the fact that  nations have the right to deport refugees entering illegally, that countries who choose to deport refugees need to deport them to other countries that will accept them, not send them back into the area they were trying to escape.

“I get it. They entered your country illegally and you aren’t going to accept them. But you can’t send them back where they came from!!! That’s the whole reason why they tried to enter illegally in the first place!!! Why send them back to the very place they are trying to escape when there are nations around the world willing to accept them???!!”

Rosenthal also announced private emergency FreedemiAir Flights to Goytakanya’s capital Bhagurah. These flights, along with added flights to Taiago in the Brugas Archipelago (Neo Delta) will be to help Goytakanyan (and any peaceful Suvumese) refugees legally get to Freedemia, a country that has stated multiple times that it welcomes peaceful refugees with open arms. Rosenthal hopes that many will take advantage of Freedemia’s hospitality. She also encourages refugees to choose to go to countries they can legally enter, instead of risking deportation back to the area of conflict.

Belphenia, Maydien, Erzaleria officially recognizes Goytakanya as an independent nation, Prime Ministers Erza Beard and Māhoe ʻAukai calls for forgiveness

REMIVILLE (Sakura News Center) – In the midst of the Suvumanese-Goytakano conflict, the government of the Theocratic People’s Kingdom of Belphenia said that they will officially recognize Goytakanya as an independent nation, but only if they expect Goytakanya, and Suvuma to apologize and forgive each other first, according to Belphenia Prime Minister Erza Beard.

The Belphenian prime minister said that the decision on recognizing Goytakanya was done at will from just the Belphenian government, not by on the foreign minister’s behalf, according to news sources from TV Sakura.

“From now on, the Theocratic People’s Kingdom of Belphenia will recognize Goytakanya, but only if we expect the governments of Goytakanya and Suvuma to apologize and forgive each other for their wrongdoings, as well as both nations involved in the conflict should owe Neo Delta an honest, sincere apology for the expulsion of an ambassador first, before we fully recognize them once the conflict between the two countries are over. But since the conflicts started, the two nations became weak. I spoke to Erzalerian Prime Minister Māhoe ʻAukai today, she said that the Erzalerian government have already closed its maritime borders when the Erzaleria Maritime Border Patrol had seized three boats filled with fleeing Goytakano refugees entering Erzaleria illegally. She also said the Erzalerian government will also officially recognize Goytakanya as an independent nation, but they are very concerned about their safety by temporarily closing its maritime borders to prevent illegal maritime entries to the Belphenian Colony of the Erzaleria Islands. I also spoke to the Maydien Royal Family, that King Vincent Maydien said they will start recognizing Goytakanya, and had been increasing their military force at their borders and at airports as a precaution. Here in Belphenia, they had already increased its military force from the Belphenia Imperial Guard Corps and State Tactical Forces at port of entries, both maritime and on Belphenian soil. The Erzalerian, Maydieni, and Belphenian governments will recognize Goytakanya like I said earlier, but only if they expect the governments of Suvuma and Goytakanya to apologize to Neo Delta for the expulsion of the foreign ambassador and forgive each other for their wrongdoings first. If the Suvuma-Goytakanya conflicts are resolved once and for all and they forgive each other, they will be forgiven by other nations. A long time ago, Belphenia, Erzaleria, and Maydien did not have any diplomatic relations or trade with Goytakanya in the past, until today, we will start recognizing Goytakanya in our own time. We, the governments of Belphenia, Maydien, and Erzaleria are calling for these affected countries to start pursuing forgiveness and correct their wrongdoings in their own time. We will encourage all Belphenians, Erzalerians, and Maydieni to pray for those who are affected by the conflicts and make wishes that the conflicts will eventually end”, said Erza Beard in her emergency address to the nation in Belphenia.

Erzalerian Prime Minister Māhoe ʻAukai said that she and the Erzalerian government are expecting the three nations to end the conflict in peace by means of forgiveness. “We want Suvuma, and Goytakanya, to forgive each other and apologize to Neo Delta for kicking the foreign minister out. We’re starting to expect this, so the two nations would forgive each other. Belphenia, and Maydien are also expecting the same exact thing, but they wanted the nations to do an honest, truthful, forgiving each other and move on. But since the turmoil had started, they’re all became weak. We don’t want anymore anger, violence, and wickedness dominate their lives at all. We had enough death and suffering, so me, Prime Minister of Erzaleria, King Maydien of the Territory of Maydien, and Prime Minister Erza Beard of the Theocratic People’s Kingdom of Belphenia are calling for forgiveness, and we mean it”, ʻAukai said.

Belphenia became the 11th nation to recognize Goytakanya as an independent nation, followed by Erzaleria being the 12th nation, and Maydien being the 13th nation to do so.