QUARTA QLine Metro extensions, lines 12 and 13, to be finished around April

QUENTINSBURGH- Construction on several QLine extensions temporarily stopped yesterday as crews take the next few days off to celebrate the New Year’s holiday. The work is coming along quite well on all of the extensions, leading QUARTA to predict the lines should be completed by March and open sometime around March 31st.

Here’s a list of the major extensions under construction and how they will affect the overall system.

Extra tunnel through downtown parallel to 1-3-7 tracks for AirportExpress– The extra two tracks between Fredrick St/Convention Ctr and just north of Quentinsburgh Union Station will allow the AirportExpress to run through downtown with stops at the convention center, state capitol and Union Station without overcrowding the other tracks, which are already the busiest and most crowded in the system. The tunnel is nearly complete and is expected to open in late January.

New elevated track through southern Northcross between line 4 and line 3 for lines 12 and 13– A new elevated extension connecting line 3 in northern Northcross and line 4 in eastern Quentinsburgh is being constructed. When completed, the new line and new stations will be home to new routes 12 (which will run north-south connecting the eastern side of the metropolitan area) and 13 (which will run from Northcross to downtown Quentinsburgh using line 4 tracks, then out to the Geolympiad Complex using line 7 tracks). The extension (along with line 12) is expected to open in mid to late February.

New East-West tunnel in Downtown Quentinsburgh connecting lines 3-7 to lines 2-4 for line 13– A new tunnel along Quentinsburgh Blvd in downtown will help solve the problem of the lack of east west tunnels in downtown while making a path for QUARTA’s newest metro, line 13. The tunnel will be part of a sharp u-turn line 13 will make transferring from line 4 tracks to line 7 tracks. The extension, one of the latest, will likely not open until late March or early April, along with line 13. (Line 13 is expected to be a large help during the 2016 Summer Geolympiad.)

New East West tunnel in Downtown Quentinsburgh under 9th Street to extend line 4– A new tunnel is being constructed around the vicinity of 9th Street to extend line 4 three stops to end at Freeman Square alongside the local 7. The extension also creates the potential for extending line 4 to the airport. While it is expected the extension will be finished in late March, it is last on the priority list and likely will not open until late April.

QUARTA is also constructing an infill station on the Quentins State International University campus. The station, currently unnamed, will be the closest to the center of campus on lines 2, 4, and 13.


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