President Sealy addresses calls for resignation, warns against internal division

WOOLPORT- Woolonia’s President Ferdinand Sealy addressed the public today, responding to calls for his resignation. Protesters have been saying that Sealy’s lackluster weak attempts to stop the Woolonian Traditionalist Rebels have put the nation in extreme risk. Sealy made it clear that he does not plan to step down and warned against internal division in a time of crisis. Here’s the bulk of his speech.

“Woolonia, I understand your pain. Honestly, when the news came in about Operation Good Wolf failing, I almost did want to resign myself, even before the pushing by protesters. It hurts when you know that the failure of you and those around you may have risked and even lost irreplaceable lives. I was not a good shepherd. I took a leap that I thought would be for your protection, but I lost precious sheep along the way. And for this I am immensely sorry.”

“However, I soon came to my senses. It is too much of a risk to be divided in this time of crisis. I believe most of the Woolonian Parliament, from all parties, understand this. When we passed the CADATT (Cross Party Alliance in Defense Against Traditionalist Terrorism) Act, we as politicians agreed to put parties and politics aside to work together to stop the WTR, as one unit, one nation. I’m asking you, the public, to do the same.”

“Changing leadership in a time of crisis only provides more opportunity for the WTR and more vulnerability for our dear country. Friends, if I truly believed that stepping down would help us, I would. But this is not the solution. Quite frankly, it’s not even the problem. Please. I implore you, don’t be distracted by the politics, the outrage, the disappointment. This isn’t the solution to the crisis we’re facing.”

“We, as a Woolonian government, have created a new intelligence task force, we are doing more research into how to responsibly take action, and we are working hard to prepare for the next step. But at this moment, I have no plans to step down. I will spend every waking moment on the job, working to defend and protect you. Us. Our nation. Thank you.”


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