Operation Good Wolf unsuccessful; 3 killed, 9 injured in WTR attack on Pastureville roadblock; Protesters call for President Sealy’s resignation

SABARA, WOOLONIA- Woolonia’s first major attempt to destroy Traditionalist Rebel strongholds has failed, President Sealy announced to the public on Wednesday. Operation Good Wolf, meant to take back areas home to Woolonian Traditionalist Rebel strongholds and take WTR leaders captive, actually lost some ground to the rebels towards Pastureville.

Strikes on major strongholds failed, two smaller areas successfully taken

Targeted strikes on the main known strongholds failed, gaining no ground against the rebels, who were prepared for such an attack and pushed back stronger than expected. It became clear during the strikes that the rebels, originally thought to simply have traditional weapons, have explosives as well motorized automatic poison dart guns with the same deadly bia bia poison that were used in much smaller attacks. Luckily, only about sixteen soldiers were injured, primarily by the explosions. One soldier, sadly, Private Franklin Gerald, died when a bia bia poison dart pierced his uniform and protective gear. It also appeared that even the largest known strongholds were not the main headquarters of the WTR, just “substations” of sorts.

Two known smaller strongholds near the rebels’ main area of control near Sabara were successfully taken back. One was of some value, as it acted as an important link in the bia bia poison supply. Some units of Woolonian troops attempting to disrupt the supply chain are now using the stronghold as a center of operations. However, they are now surrounded by rebel-controlled land, and soldiers there are on high alert to be prepared for any additional attacks the rebels may make to try and take the areas back.

Pastureville Roadblock ambushed, 3 killed, 9 wounded, WTR gains access to rural eastern Pastureville

Woolonian Traditionalist Rebels staged an attack on one of the roadblocks meant to keep any rebels from gaining access to the city of Pastureville earlier this week, during the commotion of Operation Good Wolf. Around 11:25pm on Tuesday, a heavily guarded roadblock was attacked. Rebels, in rugged four wheeler vehicles, came speeding at the roadblock, shooting poison darts. One man and one woman were hit and killed by the darts, another man was barely scraped by it, and is expected to be okay. The third death and the other 8 injuries came when the rebels then drove full speed through the small crowd of military personnel guarding the roadblock.

Rebels have only gone as far as the eastern fields of the rural area just outside of Pastureville, but residents of all parts of the city are being told to stay on high alert and to stay in their homes if at all possible. A new more secure roadblock is being set up closer into town to try and prevent the WTR from getting into the city.

President Sealy expresses sorrow over the occurrence, hope that more will be done with newly learned information

President Ferdinand Sealy addressed Woolonia Wednesday after the attacks, explaining the overall failure of Operation Good Wolf and expressing sorrow for those injured and the three killed in the roadblock ambush. However, he also seemed hopeful that the military now knew enough to strike back harder.

“We now know how they operate. We were not prepared for this kind of attack, with the roadblock. The issue is we’ve been treating this like the individual attacks. They are treating it like a military rebellion. It appears that these are tactics much more similar to those used in the Woolonian Civil War, and we will have to fight back as such. It may not look like it, but Operation Good Wolf was successful, not as a military take back, but as an intelligence mission. We have the information from this attack to understand how to undo their entire operation. We will fight back, and we will win.”

Fact checkers were quick to point out that while the information gathered was very valuable, it was nowhere near enough to take down the rebels completely, considering the fact that the military still has no information on where the main strongholds and centers of operations are.

While there has not been a formal declaration of war, it does appear that this could be developing into the second Woolonian Civil War.

Protesters begin calling for President Sealy’s resignation, saying he hasn’t done enough to protect their country, fight off rebels

Protesters gathered outside the national government buildings in Woolport and New Wooley shortly after President Sealy’s address to the public. The protests were mostly pushing for more action, smarter action, and Sealy’s resignation, in light of the failure of the first prominent act by the government to take out the rebels.

Many scoffed at President Sealy’s claims that they didn’t know how to strike at the rebels originally. One woman spoke to PWN explaining her view. “We just came out of a civil war with this same group just two years ago. Under President Sean Osborne just in ’13 and ’14, we were able to beat the rebels. We won the war. We know how to fight them. Not that much has changed, and for Sealy to claim to have just realised they’re using very similar all out tactics to what they used in 2013, he’s either lying or just really, really, ignorant to how military operations work.”

“We need someone who can not only help our country recover, but one who can keep us safe. Sealy did an okay job in helping us recover from the civil war, and even that wasn’t as great as he claimed. But he has failed to keep us- and even some of our allies- safe.”

Another man spoke to us, saying “Military operations aren’t supposed to just flop. This was a poorly planned operation that put our military men and women at extreme risks. Thank goodness only a couple people were hurt with the failed strikes on the strongholds. What if those dart guns had been actual guns? So many more would have died.”

Slogans like “Sealy pulled the wool over our eyes”, “Really, Sealy? Your time is up”, “Three strikes you’re out, Sealy” and “Out with Sealy, in with Safety” were on many protesters’ signs. The occasional outcry for President Sealy’s resignation has been growing ever since the attacks started in late 2015; however, until recently it was usually balanced out by increased support for Sealy by others. At this point, however, a poll showed 71% of Woolonians, whether they support Sealy or not, disapprove of how he is handling the WTR, and 83% saw Operation Good Wolf as a bad, uniformed move that could have cost far more than it did.

As of yet there has been no response from President Sealy, nor his administration. Freedemian President Angela Rosenthal also declined to comment. Rosenthal and Sealy have had very strong relations since the nations began talks at the end of the Woolonian Civil War, and Sealy is relatively well esteemed in Freedemia.


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