Freedemia’s President Rosenthal speaks candidly about Woolonian Crisis

QUENTINSBURGH- PWN’s Progress World Nightly News was able to get an interview with President Angela Rosenthal addressing the Woolonian Crisis. Gina Franklin reporting.

I first asked Madame President for a brief summary of the situation and how Freedemia became involved.

“So, as most Freedemians already know, we have more recently become very close allies with Woolonia, a major country in Antarephia known for their sheep industry, shepherding, and sheep based heritage. Our economic and political ties have propelled both our nations forward, and I’ve been able to work very closely with Ferdinand Sealy, Woolonia’s president, to make progress. The complicated factor is that we also signed a military alliance. Freedemia is currently Woolonia’s only military ally, and Woolonia our only military ally, which puts us in a weird spot because we’re a pacifist society.”

I also asked Madame President about her thoughts on calls for President Ferdinand Sealy’s resignation in Woolonia.

“That’s honestly a hard one. I have had nothing but good experiences with President Sealy, and I feel changes in leadership at a time like this could be for better or for worse, but just, I don’t think it’s worth risking being without good leadership at a time like this. President Sealy could do better, but I don’t think resigning is the answer.”

President Rosenthal was very candid on the prospect of a Second Woolonian Civil War.

“I don’t regret supporting Woolonia at all. They have proven to be a very trusted ally in everything from the economy to tourism. But, honestly, I’m extremely scared that this is snowballing into an actual war. And due to our military alliances with Woolonia, if said war happens, we could be pulled into war for the first time in our nation’s almost three century history.”

I asked President Rosenthal if there had been any talks of cutting the military alliance before things escalated further.

“Technically, yes, there have been. But each time there’s been consensus. We made an agreement with Woolonia, founded on mutual trust and understanding. To wait until they’re about to go to war to cut military ties would be a severe slap in the face to our closest ally. We can’t betray them like that. It would literally be like leaving a friend when they need you most. We don’t want to lose our strongest ally, and responding by cutting ties could in the long run be more disastrous for our country than the alliance itself.”

I then asked if she regretted entering into the military alliance to begin with, and pointed out that she had gone ahead with it back in 2014 when most of the nation was against it. Her answer was a bit more… politician-style than her other statements.

“I… do believe perhaps it was an ill-advised decision.”

I then pointed out that former VP Tom Morganson and former VP candidate Marco Nelson were all strongly against any and all military alliances and that VP Patrick Houser had thought the alliance was a bad idea, to which the president declined to respond.


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