Personsboro College to join Freedemian University System of Four Year Institutions, become Quentins State Personsboro University

PERSONSBORO- Students who got accepted to the small but growing Personsboro College will find themselves actually attending Quentinsburgh State Personsboro University and will be eligible for additional student aid after a recent board decision to join the national university system.

Personsboro College was founded in 1952 as a small two-year college. Over the years, it has modernized greatly, but not really grown. More recently, however, the school has been expanding greatly using private donations. Since 2014, it began offering a small amount of four-year programs in generic liberal arts subjects and education, and it just got funding for a health program and an engineering program. However, the school wanted to offer more to the Personsboro metropolitan area, and has aspired for many years to be the next large international university. A master plan drawn up in 2015 showed plans to double the size of the campus with new buildings for all sorts of new programs by 2030. In order to build those buildings and offer those programs, they needed more than just private donations. Considering this, the Board of Trustees voted to join the national system to gain needed federal funding.

The new official name of the school starting in August is Quentins State Personsboro University, which will generally be shortened to Personsboro University or QPU, similarly to how Quentinsburgh’s Quentins State International University is known as Quentins University or QSU. The name QSU Personsboro was considered, but it was decided it sounded too much like a second campus for QSU in Quentinsburgh, not a separate university.

By fall 2020, Personsboro University hopes to stand as eastern Quentins’ biggest and best university and the best alternative to Quentins State International University. All programs will be admitting more students to more majors and programs starting in fall 2017, and new construction has already started. Nonacademic plans include a new stronger athletics department as well. The school colors will remain turquoise and yellow orange, and the mascot will remain the Platypus.

Personsboro University is only one of several new universities being added to the national system this year, including the recently approved Graham Institute of Technology and the new Graham State Technical University, both to be located in Graham City.


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