Freedemia makes sale and manufacture of tobacco, alcohol products illegal, consumption and possession to remain legal for those over 25

QUENTINSBURGH- A victory for anti-tobacco and anti-alcohol groups came from the Freedemian National Legislature today, as President Rosenthal signed into law a bill known as Nicole’s Law. The law officially bans the sale and manufacture of alcohol and tobacco products within Freedemia, a huge strike against companies domestic and international (but mostly international as only one alcohol company and no tobacco companies exist in the nation). The ban also bans internet sales of these products to anyone within the country.

The law, in hopes of not creating a full prohibition, which has failed in some other nations, leaves consumption and possession of said products legal for those over the age of 25. Legislators expressed hope that the inability to manufacture and the difficulty of purchase will end the very little tobacco and alcohol use that remains in Freedemia, without the need to make consumption itself illegal.

While less than 1% of Freedemians have ever consumed alcohol or tobacco, the Freedemian government has been trying to end that little usage for two decades, creating large incentives to companies that stopped selling or refused to sell alcoholic and tobacco products and large fines to those that continued to sell them. However, this was the first time sales have ever been explicitly banned.

The law was named Nicole’s Law, after a teenage girl who developed cancer after she had been peer pressured into smoking in 2003 and become addicted. She died earlier this year.

“Companies manufacturing and even those just selling these deadly products have been making money off of hurting our people’s health. It’s time it stops. Today marks the drawing of a clear, solid line. Today we tell them no, that our health and well being is more important than their greed and profits,” President Angela Rosenthal stated, shortly after signing the bill into law.

The new law has support of around 71% of the nation according to a recent poll.


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