Magnitude 7.4 earthquake hits Zerephine City area, Mount Edohanesse eruption imminent

BREAKING NEWS – Zerephine City (Sakura News Center, EYIN-TV) – Residents in Zerephine City in Belphenia woke up to a powerful jolt Thursday morning at 2:09am Zerephine Summer Time (2:39am EBST), it was a strong earthquake rattled the Zerephine City Metropolitan Area overnight.

There were reports of power outages, and damage to small buildings and injuries in the Zerephine City area and surrounding suburbs according to Mermaid Tail and local authorities. In the city of Edohanesse, there were reports of an explosion from a nearby underground gas main that local residents were ordered to evacuate the area. In downtown Zerephine City, tall buildings and skyscrapers swayed 45 miles southwest from the quake’s epicenter.

The Belphenia Geological Agency said the tremor was a magnitude 7.4 and its epicenter was located three miles south of Nerespell, Zerephine Prefecture, in the state of Shirahoshi. The agency also said that Mount Edohanesse in northwestern New Eriwynne may likely to erupt.

Zerie Ellenal, Mermaid Tail’s guild master, declared a state of emergency for the entire Zerephine City Metropolitan Area and ordered an evacuation for the entire city as a precaution. But local law enforcement agencies in Drevet and Nefertiri and other towns surrounding the volcano feared that the eruption of Mount Edohanesse is imminent, they ordered residents to evacuate immediately.

Naoko Takashima, a geologist from the Belphenia Geological Agency, said that the tremor was also felt in Erzanna Prefecture and the states of Sakura, the Seralia Division, and the Scarlet Heart Division.


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