Two days before the election, almost 50% of the voters of Řots haven’t decided yet

(Nekkar, 28 August 2015) – Today is the last day of the campaign before the elections for the Řosu Git (Řots’s national parliament) that will take place in two days. According to a poll, almost 50% of the voters don’t know yet for whom they will vote.

Nevertheless, a comeback seems assured for the once prominent liberal-conservative Progress Party (Parti Askandats), which lost all of its seats during the previous elections; it remains to be seen however if they will become the largest party, with incumbent prime minister Kar Basil Ītase’s Workers’ Party of Řots (Řosu Parti Paressevuda) seeming to have an almost equal chance to win again, despite some losses. A surprise may however be caused by the Farmers’ Party (Devē Parti), which could become the largest according to at least one poll and whose promise to deal with the increasing cases of human trafficking in Řots has attracted quite some support.

The main issue in this election is however freedom of education. Schools and (to a lesser extent) universities in Řots have to follow a rather fixed curriculum, which assures that everyone gets the same education. The Progress Party has argued that this is in conflict with the freedom of speech and wants to introduce a more flexible system. The ŘPP on the other hand wants to assure that every citizen of Řots gets the same basic information when they grow up, although curiosity to check the truth of all information should be encouraged. Critics say that this subject is too complicated for the average voter in Řots, which is why the Farmers’ Party (which currently has only 7 votes in the 51 member Řosu Git) is doing reasonably well.


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