Phase 1 of the Katsnelson Tram Project gets under way

Work on the troubled Katsnelson Tram Project has finally begun after 6 months of setbacks and delays. The 50 million BUC project aims to reduce load on the already congested Kmet and local roads.

Phase 1 involves the relocation of Katsnelson Mall station, building the new line and station north of Katsnelson Mall and the doubling the Station East Chord. This phase is planned to last 4-5 months,  Lasting until January 2016 at the latest.

Phase 2 involves the shift to the new tram infrastructure and the removal of the old one. From then on, all trams will stop at Katsnelson station. There are to be no major disruptions scheduled during either work phases.

Katsnelson Tram current and projected
Katsnelson Tram route around the station, current and final result

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