QUARTA, QDOT approve improved bus lanes, bike lanes on most major streets

QUENTINSBURGH- The Quentins Department of Transportation and QUARTA have approved improvements to almost all major streets in Quentinsburgh, Freedemia and surrounding cities. Most improvements are related to improved bus lanes, crosswalks, and bicycle lanes.
There are three different parts of the new plan, all of which will be under construction starting very soon. The first part is improving major urban roadways with major bus routes by improving the bus priority lane (the lane that allows right turns and bus traffic only), making a separated bike lane, bus stops separated from the main sidewalk and new crosswalks at major bus stops. This is on most major streets in Quentinsburgh and will likely cause the most delays. However, the QDOT says the inconvenience and delays will be outweighed by the improvements in speed on bus lines and increased safety for cyclists. Currently, on many major corridors, the bike lane is simply painted on with little protection for cyclists, while also inconveniently separating bus lanes from bus stops. This is a safety hazard for cyclists, as well as for bus passengers, which are often almost hit by cyclists. The new design will include a separated bike lane with special yield signs and crosswalks at each major bus stop. This will be especially helpful on the BLine and CLine Bus Rapid Transit routes, which recently had route changes.


Design of the proposed bus and bike lane improvements on most major roads. Separated bike lanes will now go behind bus stops for safety, while new crosswalks at major stops will be added.
“There are two main things that make BRT successful- dedicated lanes, which improve speed and convenience, and preboarding fare collection,” stated current QUARTA head, Franklin Liebermoore. “While only the BRT lines will have the fare part, bringing the dedicated lanes to other frequently used local and express routes will have a huge impact.” 

In this plan, existing BRT lanes and stations will also be improved.

The second part, and the least expensive, is designating one lane (usually the far left) on major freeways as a bus priority lane. Like the bus priority lanes on major streets, some long distance traffic will be allowed to use the lanes. However, in this case, only those vehicles with 3 or more passengers will be allowed to “share the lane”. This is really only on the U-204 for the XLine express BRT and on the far north part of the U-4 for other major express routes.

The third part is simply creating separated bike lanes on all other major corridors without major bus traffic.

This plan comes amidst a huge push within Quentinsburgh and Freedemia as a whole towards more Eco-friendly transport. (For example, Freedemian auto manufacturer Starmobile-Jazzalini is researching solar energy for future auto and bus models.) This would not only be a huge change for public transit- the improvements to the bike lanes all over the Quentinsburgh metropolitan area would virtually turn every major corridor into a bikeway, greatly encouraging travel by bicycle, and perhaps even leading long term to a bikeshare system operated by QUARTA.

Considering the massive amounts of streets that will be improved, the cost is estimated around 2.5 billion Freedins to complete. However, a large amount of that will be funded by tolls on the U-204 and donations from environmental organizations. New tolls are also being considered on the U-104 to help with the cost.

The QDOT hopes to eventually work beyond the Quentinsburgh area with these ideas with the hope that the rest of Freedemia will also make similar steps forward in making a less auto-reliant, more eco friendly society.


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