W. Khemwet Mupbag, former AN Deputy Chief Secretary, dead of heart failure, age 66

Mupbag as a panelist at last year’s Aid2020 International Aid Conference

KHAIWOONW. Khemwet Mupbag, 66, former Deputy Chief Secretary of the Assembly of Nations, died yesterday at his condominium in the Orchid Gardens area of central Khaiwoon. The cause of death was heart failure.

Mupbag, born in 1949 to Khaiwoonese parents living in Gobrassanya, was known as a talented young lawyer, a respected diplomat, Khaiwoon’s Ambassador to the Ardisphere (1989-1992) and Ambassador to the Assembly of Nations (1992-1999). In 1999 he served briefly as Khaiwoon’s foreign minister, before returning to St. Richards to fill the position of AN Director-General of Organizational Affairs.

In 2002 he was elected by the Assembly to the office of Deputy Chief Secretary, the second-highest post in the organization, serving a full six-year term through 2008. During this time he championed initiatives to reform the AN and improve its effectiveness, particularly in the field of international aid. When his AN term ended he returned to Khaiwoon, where he was appointed chairman of the Khaiwoon International Aid Fund, helping to raise and allocate funding for international aid projects worldwide. He also taught an advanced seminar at the University of Khaiwoon.

Khaiwoonese President Bukhwa Naikhet described Mupbag as “one of the greatest ‘world citizens’ of our time” and Prime Minister Munbap Y. W. Pertynoo said that Mupbag’s contributions to global peace and prosperity “will never be forgotten.”

In St. Richards, the flags outside the Assembly of Nations were lowered to half mast, and a moment of silence was observed in the Assembly chamber. A memorial service will be held in Khaiwoon next weekend at the Khaiwoon International Center, with many foreign dignitaries expected to attend.

Mupbag’s sister, Omwap Mupbag-Henderson, released a statement to the media revealing that Mupbag had been diagnosed with a fatal heart condition in 1979, and had never expected to live past the age of 40.


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