PWN Politics- New Polling shows Nelzer in second, Clarington jumps to 4th Place

TRENCHENT, FREEDEMIA- The 2018 Presidential Campaign is well underway in Freedemia, and the 6 official candidates are pushing themselves as why they should be the next president.

Polling had been pretty much stagnant since the first poll in early May. However, recent campaigning for two candidates seems to be paying off.

meta-chart (12)

A recent PWN Poll showed that after a month of hard core campaigning, Katherine Nelzer, CEO of TweetBook, catapulted into second, taking quite a few voters from Incumbent VP Patrick Houser. Incumbent Angela Rosenthal retained the lead, also taking some of Patrick Houser’s supporters. The biggest surprise was Lily Mae Clarington’s leap into 4th place, after having only 1.5% of the vote at the end of June. Craig Schluderman dropped to 2%, continuing his downward trend.

Nelzer seemed like a natural to take voters from Patrick Houser. Both have similar views and similar platforms, emphasizing innovation, health, infrastructure, education, and technology as the next steps. Nelzer, having been the founder and the CEO of TweetBook for several years, is pushing that she has more experience in leadership than Houser’s newscasting career provided him, despite him having served a year as vice president. Houser’s steep drop was a bit surprising, but it was expected that the two would be competing for votes, and it looks like Nelzer’s winning the competition.

Vandover mayor Lily Mae Clarington, after a month of nearly non-stop campaigning to clarify actual stances on things after getting the reputation of an unqualified unprofessional candidate due to her extreme focus on nude tourism and targeting the clothes industry, actually managed to bring up her poll numbers. She’s clarified that her belief in nude tourism is to increase revenue from other sources to fund infrastructure, healthcare, and education while lowering taxes, and that her push to take on “big clothing” is to help the growing small business world of clothes design, manufacture, and sales thrive. More professional presentation and less ranting in her campaigning in cities other than home Vandover has also made her appear more presidential.

However, that 10% for Clarington doesn’t seem to be entirely pushing for Clarington to win outright- Several Clarington supporters actually admitted that their hopes are to propel Clarington into the Vice Presidency, not make her president. About 43% of her supporters said that they believe other candidates might make better presidents, but that they believe Clarington needs to be in the presidential office to help influence the path of the country’s future.

Both Barson and Schluderman seem to have reduced their campaigning and spent more time advocating their ideas. It isn’t unheard of for Freedemian candidates to drop out of the race as long as they are confident their policies will be considered by other candidates. However, at this time there is no evidence either would be dropping out.


Lily Mae Clarington, currently in 6th place in Freedemian election, faces steep uphill battle in her campaign and trouble back home in Vandover

QUENTINSBURGH- The 2018 Presidential Campaign is well underway in Freedemia, and the 6 official candidates are pushing themselves as why they should be the next president. However, in the first month or so, clear front runners have emerged in incumbents Rosenthal and Houser and in Tweetbook CEO Katherine Nelzer. At the same time, one candidate has fallen steeply behind- Lily Mae Clarington.

Lily Mae Clarington was originally expected to be a strong candidate considering her success as mayor of Vandover. It’s not unusual for mayors to run for president- then-Franklinsburgh mayor Tom Morganson ran against current president Angela Rosenthal and only lost by a hair, becoming the vice president until his resignation to be with his family in a difficult time back in 2016.

However, what worked to stimulate the Vandoverian economy is not what most Freedemians want or need, and the social issues she championed don’t come close to the more important things on Freedemians’ minds.

President Rosenthal’s proven leadership and Nelzer and VP Houser’s big ideas for infrastructure have pushed them to the forefront. Polls show Freedemians want progress, to continue developing as a world power. Nelzer pushes cyber security to help keep the nation safe. Rosenthal points to major successes such as hosting the 2016 Pancontinental Games, the first time Freedemia has ever hosted something that big on the international stage. Houser, Nelzer, and even Barson all point to technology and infrastructure being the way forward. Schluderman pushes for Freedemia to be more outspoken and deliberate in not supporting countries with human rights or civil rights violations.

In contrast, Clarington, while pushing for Freedemia to be a world leader in pacifism, mostly pushes nude tourism. While tourism has helped Freedemia greatly, a poll showed 78% of Freedemians don’t think it’s what will move the country forward.

In the most recent poll, Clarington had only 1.25% of the vote, literally trailing “other”, and had even dropped to 4th place in her home city of Vandover, where she’s doing best.

In the first debate, Clarington was largely considered the clear loser- in an otherwise civil debate, her comments drew fire from almost every other candidate on the stage, Rosenthal attacking her leadership and fitness for the office, Houser blasting her expertise, and Nelzer ripping her plans to shrink the military 85% in the name of pacifism to shreds. Clarington dropped 4% in the polls after the debate, going from 6% to 2%. Ironically, Nelzer picked up most of the extra voters.

meta-chart (11)

Clarington has been working hard to try and prove that she’s a serious candidate. Recently, she’s targeted Quentinsburgh, the largest city in Freedemia and the city most known for being split among candidates. Her new ad campaign, “Clarity with Clarington”, tries to show that she wants to be clear with the voters, and she has been making an effort to be more detailed on some proposals. In a recent town hall at the Cardenia Center in downtown Quentinsburgh, she clarified her stance on taking on the clothing industry, explaining it’s not to make less people wear clothes, but to help small business owners and clothing makers across the country. She also explained that her reasoning behind pushing nude tourism so hard is that it brings in large amounts of money that aren’t burdening citizens, money that can be put towards healthcare, infrastructure, and education.

Clarington was also careful to dress formally for the event, unlike some past events in Vandover, which Clarington had done completely nude and the debate, where she had worn nothing but a painted on outfit. While social and public nudity are widely accepted nationwide and barechested equality is the norm, being nude during a formal campaign event or a debate is generally seen as extremely unprofessional, helping to lead to the image of an “unfit” candidate.

It appears her recent efforts are helping some. A poll done after her recent campaign events in Quentinsburgh asking whether voters in attendence saw Clarington more favorably or less favorably showed 68% saw her more favorably after her explanations. However, that 68% may not translate into votes. It appears only time will tell. But with Rosenthal, Houser, and Nelzer collectively taking home almost 3/4ths of the voters already, there may not be room for Clarington to make up the gap.

VANDOVER- Meanwhile, in Vandover, Clarington faces a new challenge- her legacy.

Clarington’s term limit as the mayor of Vandover is up at the end of 2017 (part of the reason why she ran for president). Clarington has actually been a very highly esteemed mayor for several years, having been in office since 2010 and frequently championing favorability ratings of 70% or more. As is custom with successful mayors that want their work to continue, Clarington endorsed a candidate that she knows well, Annette Zirchall, daughter of famous nude activist Harold Zirchall.

Annette Zirchall has largely the same policies as Clarington: Nude tourism, trade, infrastructure, and continuing to be a leader in anti-censorship, anti-clothes industry, and pro-worker policies. Zirchall also champions education, something that goes beyond Clarington’s platform, pushing for more success stories like Jennison Nudist University’s opening back in the 1940s. Laneston and Vandover together constitute one of the largest metropolitain areas in Freedemia, but Laneston is home to most of the universities, other than Jennison Nudist University and Vandover University. Annette pushes for new campuses, including two new community colleges and a long proposed Vandover Institute of Technology and Engineering (VITE), to act as a balance to the liberal arts, nude arts, and arts-centered JNU.

Zirchall is generally even more popular than Clarington, and was expected to be a shoe in. Her education policy lines up with what more than 70% of Vandoverians have pushed for, and, at least in Vandover, Clarington’s policy is seen as successful and progressive. However, things have started to change since the start of Clarington’s… rocky campaign. Zirchall has struggled to distance herself from Clarington, and as support for Clarington has died, so has a lot of Zirchall’s support.

The biggest wild card in the Vandover mayoral race is Caroline Addison, who dubbed herself “the people’s candidate”. While Addison herself is a nudist and has even gone to a couple campaign events wearing just painted on clothes or an open jacket and a skirt, she strongly believes that Clarington’s emphasis on nude tourism and city growth has left native Vandoverians behind.

“There’s nothing wrong with tourism. It’s great, helps our economy boom. There’s nothing wrong with nudism. I’m a proud nudie myself. There’s nothing wrong with incentives to bring new people here. Heck, beautiful world renown beaches, nudism, and one of the best nude arts scenes in the world? I’d want to move here too. But when our leaders put tourists and newcomers over our city’s own people who are here today, there’s a serious problem. I’m here to do what’s right for native Vandoverians, to work on schools, transportation- for residents and employees too, not just the tourists-, healthcare, tackling the continuing public restroom shortage- You know, the important stuff that helps ALL of us, not just the tourists from the other side of the world.”

Between Addison’s surprisingly strong mayoral campaign and Clarington’s faltering presidential campaign, things aren’t looking great for Zirchall. Just the other day a billboard independent of the campaigns went up near JNU in Vandover, with a picture of the moment Clarington endorsed and introduced Zirchall, and the caption: “If this leadership isn’t good enough to lead our country, why should it be good enough to lead our city?” Zirchall’s association with Clarington is bringing her down, and it might be hard to recover. For the first time, Zirchall trailed Addison 42% to 55% in recent polling.

In a recent press conference, PWN Laneston/Vandover asked Zirchall what she thought of Clarington’s campaign. Zirchall didn’t have much of an answer, stating she thought Clarington needs to be clearer on her actual ideas. Zirchall seems to be distancing herself from Clarington, trying to present herself as a candidate with similar good ideas but different leadership.


Meet the candidates in Freedemia’s 2018 Presidential Election

QUENTINSBURGH- The campaign season for Freedemia’s presidential election is well underway now. The presidential campaign period in Freedemia stretches from late April to early October during major election years, with the runoff election for president and vice president taking place in November. The Freedemian Funding Party goes through a vetting process and narrows the candidate list down to approximately 5 candidates to get ballot access, though others can get access by way of petitions in all 11 states.

This year, 6 candidates made the cut, 2 by default, 3 by FFP vetting, and one by petition. Former Vice President Marco Nelson, long considered a front runner, actually decided not to run, remaining a foreign policy advisor in the Rosenthal-Houser administration after Houser extended the olive branch this past vice-presidential election.

  1. President Angela Rosenthal
  2. Vice President Patrick Houser

The first candidate is President Angela Rosethal, and the second is Vice President Patrick Houser. As is normal, the incumbent president and vice president, if they choose to run again, do not have any charges or investigations open against them, and are not at the end of their term limits, are automatically pushed into the next round.

Incumbent Angela Rosenthal is currently one of the highest esteemed presidents in Freedemian history, and is the obvious favorite for reelection. Her moves to make citizenship easier to obtain for law-abiding individuals and families; her spending reallocation act transferring money from military spending and elections to healthcare, infrastructure, and education; and her pushes for Freedemia to take its stand on the global stage in technology, innovation, and tourism have been huge steps forward for the country. Rosenthal is actually the reason for the shorter campaign period, as she pushed for election reform earlier in her term including a drastic reduction in funding for campaigns.

Former newscaster and Incumbent VP Patrick Houser’s biggest accomplishments have been on the health side of things. Along with Rosenthal, Houser spearheaded the moves for making drinking water free and accessible for all Freedemians, tackling the restroom shortage, and more than quadrupling the amount of funding for private urgent cares across Freedemia to reduce the amount of people going to the emergency room. Houser has also championed a green infrastructure plan hoping to help the country continue to go modern and go green, including roadside wind turbines, water turbines, solar farms, nationwide wifi for the digital age, etc. As a former newscaster himself, Houser also proposed an act that holds media sources more responsible for inaccurate reporting, especially where investigations or national security interests are involved.

  1. Vandover Mayor Lily Mae Clarington

Mayor Lily Mae Clarington was a major supporter and leading advocate for Amendment 30, which made public nudism and barechested equality constitutional, allowing public nudity nationwide as long as it is not accompanied by indecent behavior. Clarington has pushed for the banishment of dress codes and censorship altogether, as the city of Vandover did several years ago under her leadership. Like Houser, Clarington has pushed for investment in infrastructure. Clarington is a big advocate for making Freedemia a global hub for tourism, hoping to bring the success Laneston and Vandover have seen with nudism and movies and that Quentinsburgh has seen with arts and music to the rest of the country. Clarington also wants to essentially shrink Freedemia’s military by 85%, saying she’d like to see Freedemia truly become a center for peace, pacifism and diplomacy.

Clarington has surprised many by openly campaigning barechested, and is known for being a proud nudist who would frequently go nude on the job as mayor. Clarington also is pushing for legislation that regulates the actions of and breaks up the “clothing industry”, saying large clothing corporations are hurting and creating a negative body image for Freedemians and people all around the world.

While 94% of Freedemians identify as pacifists or non-agressionists, most do want to see a small but strong military to protect the nation, and it is unclear how voters will respond to her drastic proposed military cuts.

  1. Economist Derrick Barson

Derrick Barson is an economist, formerly an economics instructor at Hayes University in Quentinsburgh and now an economist working for the Freedemian Liberty Economic Institute based out of Franklinsburgh.

Barson’s proposals largely center around personal freedom, smaller government, and public-private partnerships, essentially helping shrink the government while stimulating the economy. Barson has proposed decriminalizing sales of marijuana products and wants to increase protections for “victimless crimes” when performed on private property. Barson advocates for helping competition by deregulating certain industries and proposes allowing non-governmental groups to take on some roles currently held by government organizations. Barson proposes fully privatizing infrastructure and simply providing some funding, pointing to FreedemiRail as a successful example and pointing out that most transit systems in Freedemia are private companies already and that private partnerships for road construction and maintenance could be successful. Barson believes private companies should be responsible for the type of green innovation Houser has proposed, and has expressed a willingness to work with Houser on his proposals as long as they were simply incentivized and not carried out by the government.

  1. TweetBook CEO Katherine Nelzer

Katherine Nelzer has become a familiar household name. Founder and CEO of the social media site TweetBook, Nelzer has become more politically outspoken in recent years, especially pertaining to the growing global cyber-security threat. Nelzer believes that Freedemia is one of the most likely worldwide to be a victim of a large cyber-attack, due to its large and growing global footprint, minimal military action, and lackluster national cyber-security protections. “A pacifist society can still be a secure one. Cyber warfare is a thing, and we need to be prepared.” Nelzer also believes that in this changing society technology is key. She supports Houser’s pushes for things like nationwide wifi and data, and, like Barson, believes incentivizing the tech industry could be one of the most important moves to help make Freedemia even more of a world leader. She cites Stepstone Technology and as two of the successes she hopes to see repeat in tech innovations nationwide, and hopes, like Houser, to see Freedemia become a champion of smart cities as a global example.

  1. Actor Craig Schluderman

Craig Schluderman is an actor who plays President James Glasner on the comedy crime show National Security. While Glasner was just a role, Schluderman has always been interested in politics. He had joked on TweetBook back in December about running, posting “Maybe what we need now is a President James Glasner to move us forward” with a link to an interview with comedian Greg Harveyman on the Late Night Show about Schluderman’s views on global politics today. Millions of signatures came in, giving Schluderman the ballot access he needed to be candidate #6. Schluderman’s campaign so far has emphasized Freedemia’s growing presence on the global stage, and has pushed for more diplomatic presence in global affairs. Schluderman believes Freedemia has a responsibility to equal rights and justice, and proposed reducing relations and trade with countries that currently have a record of discriminating based on race, gender, or religion or of human rights or war/land/border violations. On the domestic side, Schluderman wants to crack down harder on improper practices in the rice farming and mining industries that are so large in Freedemia to make them safer for workers.

This election is expected to bring up a lot of important issues that are expected to continue to make a difference in Freedemia no matter who is elected. A major upset could still be possible. While Rosenthal is still the favorite, if for no other reasons than her being loved by the people, being the incumbent, and being successful so far, it appears the issues this election centers around are not the same issues Rosenthal championed just 4 years ago. Between Houser championing health, green technology and innovation, Clarington championing tourism, pacifism, and body image, Barson championing fiscal responsibility and privatization, Nelzer championing cybersecurity and technological advancements, and Schluderman championing social justice and labor reform, Rosenthal surprisingly has the weakest platform, or at least the least bold one. Rosenthal has been so successful in her first term that she doesn’t have many unique campaign goals for a second one.

The first PWN poll coming out today shows an interesting trend. President Rosenthal is in the lead, as expected, with 29% of the vote. However, Vice President Houser is actually very close behind with 27% of the vote, slightly unusual for an incumbent vice president, who would normally come in second but largely behind the current president. Nelzer is in third with 18% of the vote, Barson in fourth with 11%, Schluderman in fifth with 8% and Clarington in sixth with 6%, most of which is coming from her home region of Laneston/Vandover. Marco Nelson, though not running, still managed to rake in about 0.4% of the vote in the poll as a write-in candidate.

meta-chart (4)

Schluderman seems to be in second in the sparsely populated states of North and Guijarros, both home to large amounts of rice farms, and Nelzer seems to be in second to Houser in Trenchent State, the tech capital of Freedemia, where Rosenthal is in a surprising third. Houser is leading by a large margin in his home state of Franklins, getting a whopping 57% of the state’s votes with Rosenthal trailing with 16% in Franklins. Barson did best in the Savvenahsburgh area, known for being very lenient on “victimless crimes” and for championing privatization.

The first televised debate is expected to be on June 10th, aired on PWN.

Belphenian ceremonial leader, prime minister ends their 10-day Latina tour

Remiville (Sakura News Center) – The 10-day tour across Latina came to an end for the two Belphenian leaders, Reiko and Erza Beard.

On the morning of Friday, January 22, Belphenia’s ceremonial leader Reiko Beard and Prime Minister Erza Beard arrived in Topahappan and greeted more Latinians during their last day of the Latina tour and left the city on Saturday afternoon to Latina International Airport back home to Belphenia. “Latina is great. We have a wonderful time being here to see new things here. But it is time for,me and my sister Erza to say goodbye to our nakama (friends) here in Latina and head back home to Remiville in Belphenia. On behalf of the people of the Theocratic People’s Kingdom of Belphenia, we would like to thank you for welcoming us to this country. I am very satisfied with our tour in Latina”, Reiko said.

“Maybe someday, we would like to go back to visit Latina again on our next tour sometime in the future because they are a peaceful, strong country. And as we left the airport and headed out back to Belphenia in southeastern Uletha and landed there in Remiville, we got word that Princess Gertrude of Maydien wanted to see Reiko in Zerephine City, and Maydien’s royal family, and Erzaleria’s Mahoe ‘Aukai will go on their tour across Belphenia during the Great Heart months of Abiesa and Makegami, which it is between late January and early March. And as for our Latina tour, it was the best tour we had and are satisfied with it”, Erza said.

At Remiville International Airport, the two leaders made it back home safely without any problems as their Latina tour came to the end.

Belphenia and Latina has embassies already built in the two countries and has diplomatic relations with each other since 2014.

Belphenian leaders visits central Latina, unaware of the ‘Resurgence of a Fateful Day’ controversy in Belphenia

Scippo, Latina (Sakura News Center, Remiville, Belphenia) – Latinians in central Latina gets their chance to see the Belphenian leaders Reiko and Erza Beard for their first time in Redondo and Scippo as their 10-day tour is about to come to a close.

Unaware of the pop song controversy taking place in Belphenia, Reiko and Erza Beard left Gentofte Sunday and arrived in Redondo. While visiting Lake Redondo, the two Belphenian leaders took photographs of themselves and the scenic views of the lake and visited more landmarks and tourist-designated areas across the city.

But when the Prime Minister of Belphenia started practicing speaking Latinian, Justin Kernwell of the Belphenia Secretive Protection Force, informed Erza that there is an outrage from samurai, pirates, families, and victims of the Battle of Shirahoshi about pop singer Araki Isono’s latest single, “The Resurgence of a Fateful Day”, is becoming a serious concern on social media and broadcasting in Belphenia. The prime minister was unaware of what is taking place in Belphenia over Araki Isono and her latest single being released on social media.

She had to stop learning her new language and asked her sister Reiko about what is going on in the theocratic nation. Before Reiko Beard, Belphenia’s ceremonial leader, starts listening to the radio, she told her about a song called the “Resurgence of a Fateful Day” on social media. Reiko then does not know what the Belphenian song is about, the two Beards  dismissed the conversation and continued focusing on their tour. “My sister Reiko and I went to Redondo to visit more historic places, and many landmarks including Lake Redondo. And now, this ‘Resurgence of a Fateful Day’ stuff is circulating all over social media. We don’t know what is going on with Araki Isono in Belphenia…”, the prime minister said while talking to the ceremonial leader on their way to Scippo.

On Tuesday, they arrived in Scippo were they were greeted by Latinians at a tourist-designated area in the city’s historic district. She and her sister visit more landmarks and had been taking pictures of the scenery and the cityscape, and buying Latinian souvenirs. But when they stayed at a hotel there in the evening, Reiko turned on the world news and saw a news report from Belphenia about a controversial pop singer posted her latest single on the Internet.

“I am shocked, and offended by what my favorite Flying Petals singer Araki Isono said. This is unloving, unfriendly, and most of all, offensive. This is something that a Belphenian must not to say these cruel lyrics to our warriors, families, and victims of the Battle of Shirahoshi”, Reiko said in disgust and changed the channel to a local news station.

On the morning of Thursday, the two leaders packed up their bags and left the hotel on their way to Topahappan, as their 10-day tour comes to a conclusion.

The national news outlets in Belphenia and Latina had been reporting about the tour since Reiko and Erza arrived in the peaceful nation on January 13. The two leaders will leave Latina in the evening on January 23 and return home to Belphenia on January 24.

Belphenian leaders starts their 10-day tour across Latina

Latina City, Latina (Sakura News Center – Remiville, Belphenia) – Reiko Beard, Belphenia’s ceremonial leader and Erza Beard, the nation’s prime minister, had started their 10-day tour in Latina since January 13 after arriving at Latina International Airport in Latina City. The two leaders will visit cities across Latina during the tour.

On the morning of January 14, the two leaders were escorted by motorcade from the airport to the Embassy of Belphenia in Latina City to get ready for the tour and met new people at the embassy. Erza Beard, Prime Minister of Belphenia, greeted new people along with Reiko before the start of the tour. “This is our first time being here in Latina. The Latinians are very nice people, so me and Reiko got a chance to meet them before we leave the Embassy of Belphenia to Du Bois to see landmarks and historic places, so my sister made me take a break from the ongoing, Goytakano refugee situation in Zerephine City”, the prime minister said before traveling to Du Bois.

“Latina is really nice, it is a strong country involving a peaceful environment. Their citizens, their places, and the nation, it is peaceful. This is something Belphenians really love”, the ceremonial leader said while she prepared for the journey to Du Bois and left the Belphenian embassy with her sister.

Reiko and Erza embarked on the five hour trip to Du Bois and sees streetcars driving on the streets and plenty of historic landmarks across the city, including visiting the Old Yewish Quarter and the Old Romantic Quarter where they greet more Latinians during the tour. “It’s amazing in Du Bois, just like Latina City. We got a chance to see the streetcars and historic landmarks too”, Reiko said. “The city of Du Bois looks great. There are interesting, historic landmarks here in this place. When we get to Gentofte on January 16, we will see more of them”, Erza said.

The two Belphenian leaders are expecting to arrive in Gentofte on Saturday during their 10-day tour.

Belphenia ceremonial leader and prime minister to visit Latina for their 10-day tour

Remiville (Belphenia State Television, Sakura News Center) – Belphenian ceremonial leader Reiko Beard and Prime Minister Erza Beard will embark on their first tour to Latina since the prime minister’s frustration over the crisis involving Goytakanyo refugees living in Zerephine City.

“It’s time for my sister Erza to get out of Belphenia and to see things anew in the future, which it is good for her to relieve stress from herself. And before we go to Latina on our 10-day tour, we must bring our Endless Wind symbols with us, but the swords will stay here in Remiville, before we leave the Theocratic People’s Kingdom of Belphenia”, Reiko Beard, the nation’s ceremonial leader, said at her sword naming ceremony in Diamond Moon, Sakura. She recently named her swords Ryukimi, Katsuhime, and Sageralia at the ceremony and left the swords at her home at her will under the Battle of Shirahoshi Warrior Act of 2011, before she prepared for her first trip to Latina.

“Their trip to Latina will benefit both the First Leader and the Prime Minister in a happy occasion since the beginning of the Moka period”, Aoi Himure, a member of the Workers’ Party of Belphenia said.

According to the samurai and Great Heart’s religious police at Remiville International Airport, they said that the two Beards are wearing their Endless Wind symbols on their clothes and are “ready to go”.

“I can see they are seeing things new like seeing new people, landmarks, tourism, and recreational activities in front of them when they get there to Latina safely”, said Masahide Shiroma, Belphenia’s deputy prime minister.

This is the first time the two Beards will visit Latina. The leaders will leave Remiville International Airport Wednesday morning at 2:30am to begin their 10-day tour to Latina.