Franklin’s Supermarket announces closure of all international locations, but All-n-One locations will not be affected

QUENTINSBURGH, FREEDEMIA: Franklin’s LLC’s  CEO Kenn Franklin III announced today that the company will be shutting down all international locations of Franklin’s Supermarket, citing attempts to take the supermarket model international a near universal failure compared to the success of sister hypermarket All-n-One.

“Our All-n-One stores have been nearly universally successful, even competing against major mainstays in other countries, similar to how Mariana’s Gigante competes with All-n-One in Freedemia. And the All-n-One stores are still expanding. All-n-One has been a bigger success than we ever would have imagined when we experimented with the original All-mart back in 1983.”

“Franklin’s… hasn’t seen the same success. On any scale. The only country Franklin’s has been truly successful in is Freedemia. Several countries have had all locations shut down, and at this point we’re left with like two or three locations in Khaiwoon. It’s economically pointless to keep going down this path when it’s clear that the Franklin’s model has internationally been a giant failure.”

As of January 2018, all Franklin’s locations outside of Freedemia will be closed down, and no future locations will be opened outside of Freedemia.

All-n-One will continue to maintain all existing international locations and take opportunities to expand internationally, with part of the hope being that the Urban Market and Community Market formats may help reach areas that the Franklin’s model originally targeted (and failed to succeed in).

“We hope that as All-n-One’s smaller models like All-n-One Urban Market become more mainstream worldwide, that maybe we’ll see more success with All-n-One expanding to certain target areas than we have with Franklin’s.”



Hotel Village Square location of Franklin’s to be demolished, made into expanded Park and Ride 3

QUENTINSBURGH- Sean Bond International Airport and Franklin’s LLC. announced earlier today that to provide expanded parking, a building in the Hotel Village Square development south of the airport will be demolished. In its place will be an expanded Park and Ride 3, helping further improve the parking at the airport. The building to be demolished is currently home to an underused Franklin’s Supermarket. All other spaces are vacant, as the Rose Market sharing the building announced that it will be closing its doors in a couple weeks.

“Even with new neighboring residential development, we only saw a few people come in to shop each day. When building this location we greatly overestimated the need for a supermarket. I think this area is much more ripe for a convenience store like JP’s Convenience or Convenience Corner to meet the needs of hotel guests”, manager Joseph Delle explained to reporters.

Franklin’s LLC. has explained plans to instead build a small Franklin’s Express location in the newly built Arbor Square residential development across the railway tracks from Hotel Village Square and a large Franklin’s location down the street at the corner of Courthouse Road and Grant Lakepark Road, both of which have much more potential and demand.

“All of our workers will keep their jobs, new people will be hired, and the company’s profits will improve greatly. And parking will be better at SBD Airport as Park and Ride 3 expands. Everyone wins.”

Stepstone announces StepstoneOS 5.0, StepPad ProBook and StepWatch for New Years’ Shopping Season

QUENTINSBURGH- The New Year’s shopping season in Freedemia is quickly approaching and several major companies are already preparing new ideas for shoppers. 

Stepstone Technology is no exception. At a press conference and unveiling event, Stepstone’s CEO revealed a new operating system and two devices that consumers and techies have been awaiting for a long time.

StepstoneOS 5.0 is expected to be released on new devices starting December 5th, and will be available for download to older devices on December 7th. The new operating system brings several new features. Some of its biggest points are increased compatibility with QuinOS and osO to bring the seamless experience even to competitors’ devices. Other features include a new improved web browser, a new user interface that is more customizable and looks more modern, and support for updated versions of older QuinTech programs.

They also unveiled two long awaited products. The StepPad ProBook would perhaps be better categorized as less of a tablet and more of a portable touchscreen all-in-one personal computer. The device consists primarily of a large touchscreen “tablet” the size of a laptop monitor. The “tablet” is about an inch thicker than the sleek thin StepPadThree because it contains the entire power of the computer. However, it makes up for it by including a CD-ROM player, two flash drive ports and everything else normally only included in laptops or desktops. The device also comes with a keyboard that connects to the monitor like a laptop; however, the keyboard can be used attached or detached as long as it is charged, and the improved on screen keyboard acts as a fine alternative. The StepPad ProBook is not made so much to be a tablet as much as Stepstone’s first ever portable all-in-one desktop that can be used like a tablet. It will even be available (for an additional cost) with a built in wifi hotspot or a data plan when purchased, a feature expected to be added to the next line of StepBooks and StepPads and already available on StepPhones.

The other device is perhaps less powerful, but more exciting- the long awaited StepWatch! The beta version of Stepstone’s first smartwatch will be available in early December for a reduced cost, while the full version is expected in early 2016 and can be preordered starting Monday. The full version of the device is expected to be the most powerful smartwatch on the market- due to it being larger than the competition’s smart watches and having Stepstone’s distinct operating system, it will actually operate with full phone capacity- with the only main difference being the home screen, specially designed to be a power saving digital clock face that stays on at all times. Battery life on the beta version is only about 24 hours, but the finished version is expected to have 4 times as long of a battery life. Those who purchase the beta version will pay a greatly reduced cost to upgrade when the full version comes out.

The new devices will be available starting on Shopping Season Saturday (the first Saturday in December, this year being Dec 5th, when stores all across Freedemia start having huge deals on gifts for the New Years Holiday).