Climate change “exposed” on a global stage at AN with unconventional speech, may affect politics worldwide

A chaotic series of events at the Assembly of Nations today underlined the political inertia of the establishment in dealing with climate change. With the continuing construction of new power plants, motorways and the unregulated growth of global trade, the world is failing to achieve its carbon emission targets. In spite of increasing warnings from the scientific community that a 2 degree rise in global temperature is now pretty much inevitable, there has been little chance for minority voices to be heard. While the global community focuses on market growth, the vast bulk of the populus seems unconcerned with international relations and environmental issues, except when they relate to sport. A surprise speech at the AN this morning may have changed that.

Freedemian-born Brittney Sandrea (30), well known for her support of the renegade Anarchist organisation Telkhug Ēkdŭn and now a representative of that organisation at the AN, was scheduled to give a 30 minute speech on the effects of climate change on small island nations. Ms. Sandrea rose from her seat at the back of the Assembly hall and made her way to the front. Standing 5’11’’ and with long, blonde hair, not to mention the fact that she is a representative for an anarchist group, Ms. Sandrea is not a typical AN bureaucrat; in the male-dominated chamber, all eyes followed her closely. Taking her place at the podium, Ms. Sandrea spoke briefly about the unconventional route that had led her into politics. She then proceeded to outline the effects of increasing global temperatures. Here, her speech deviated from the norm. For each cause of climate change Ms. Sandrea removed an item of clothing. Having started wearing a skirt, jacket and flat shoes it was not long before she was down to bra and panties. Uproar in the chamber followed. And at this point, Ms. Sandrea had only underlined the causes of 1 degree of climate change. Finally, removing first her bra and then her panties, a now nude Ms. Sandrea, while being confronted by two burly security guards, got further into her points, as the confused guards tried to figure out what to do. “Think about it, people! I’m standing here naked in the middle of the AN and I’m not the least bit cold. In fact, I’m still hot!! It wouldn’t have been like this ten years ago. See for yourself. It’s okay.”

For a short moment, the confusion and uproar actually stopped, as they realized the strength of her point. For a second, some representatives even seemed like they were about to get undressed along with her, including Commonia’s Dan Iikjm and Freedemia’s Eliza Bellworth. However, they soon realized what was happening, and began once again to protest against the strange event. Ms. Sandrea finally shouted: ‘you can debate and argue all you want, but the world is getting too hot! If you want to actually make a stand against climate change, then strip! Do something that will actually make people care!’ She was then forcibly dragged from the chamber and is currently thought either to be under in detention in a local police station or to have been taken back to the Telkhug Ēkdŭn embassy in the city. Footage of the speech has gone viral around the world. For the first time in a while, it seems like climate change is back on the global agenda.

In Freedemia, response to the speech may actually affect the election for vice president. Newscaster Patrick Houser, currently in third but only behind by a few percents, is the only candidate which has made going green a priority. Houser is already gaining fast, and Nelson and Redsten are slowly dropping. If Freedemian people really value going green, Freedemia’s vice presidential election could end up showing it.


Belphenia phases out incandescent and CFL light bulbs in favor of energy-saving LED light bulbs

A compact fluorescent light bulb imported from Commonia. In 2016, the ban on incandescent light bulbs went into effect almost 3 years too late, due to making consumers’ energy costs skyrocket. To protect the TPKB’s environment, lower energy costs, and consumers’ health, the ban on compact fluorescent light bulbs went into effect in January because of the mercury content in CFL bulbs, in which it is deemed unsafe to use or dispose of.

Magehaven (Belphenia State Television) – The lights are out for incandescent and compact fluorescent light bulbs across the Theocratic People’s Kingdom of Belphenia, as the ban on incandescent and CFL light bulbs in every home, public places, samurai districts, ports, ships, and government buildings in all prefectures and states in favor of energy-saving LED light bulbs.

In March 2015, the phase out and the ban on incandescent and CFL light bulbs was created by the Yaelian-based group called the Associates on Protecting Belphenia’s Environmental Resources (APBER), a guild in which they are very aware of the disadvantages arose from consumers who are using incandescent and CFL light bulbs.One city in Sakura Prefecture, Magehaven, was very satisfied with the use of LED lighting in every homes and public places, including street lighting and traffic lights.

There were many bad experiences and mishaps with incandescent and CFL bulbs among Belphenians. In February 2012, Mirohatram, Erzanna had been dealing with high energy costs that led to a power crisis around the city due to the use of incandescent light bulbs. Even after transitioning to compact fluorescent light bulbs in October 2014, they were unable to get the energy costs down. In the prefecture of Jasmine, they fell into a power crisis in which the Jasmine prefecture government to encourage residents to transition from incandescent to CFL light bulbs in April 2015. Instead, it led to disadvantages and incidents from elderly consumers who are using CFL light bulbs started to worry about the mercury content and health risks from mercury exposed from broken CFL bulbs in Jasmine City.

Throughout May and July, the organization became aware of cases of samurai and pirates accidentally breaking CFL light bulbs during sword fight training in samurai schools that resulted in both groups losing their swords to direct mercury content from broken CFL bulbs in Yaelian, Seraphina, Xanthe, Waukesha, Larigothiel, and Astigoth prefectures. The Southwest Larigothiel Household Hazardous Waste Management in Lucretia said that they have been getting reports about a small number of pirates used a broom or vacuum cleaner to clean up a broken CFL bulb. The pirates who used their brooms or vacuum cleaners were told by the prefecture government to dispose them immediately due to the exposure of mercury content. In Seraphina City, one samurai had to open the windows and evacuated the samurai school after two pirates and a female samurai accidentally hit the lamp with the CFL light bulb inside with their bokken during training. In Astigoth, hazmat cleanup crews were called to a gymnasium in Udrogoth after a structural steel rack collapsed onto a box of CFL light bulbs after construction workers forgot to install an emergency support structure in July 2015 in which it gained the attention of the Belphenia Council on Environmental Protection, the National Health Council, and the LED Lighting Movement of Belphenia.

In August 2015, the three organizations called the Government of Belphenia and Great Heart for the request to take the proposed ban on incandescent and CFL light bulbs to the Grand Court of Belphenia in Remiville after the broken CFL light bulb incidents in Larigothiel, Seraphina, and Yaelian involving samurai sword training sessions. A Seraphina representative said that “even in their homes, the samurai and pirates still break apart CFL light bulbs during home training. This is something that is raising a health concern among Belphenians”. Two Sakura Prefecture representatives also said that all CFL light bulbs were made and imported from Commonia. “All CFL light bulbs are from Commonia. But why the mercury content where it is raising a serious concern on every Belphenian’s health. Unfortunately, because of the mercury, this is truely, yes. We cannot let the Belphenians and the shirarume to waste their time being in hospitals for mercury exposure, and even wasting their time calling hazmat and spending time on cleaning up broken, Commonian-made CFL bulbs. About eight to ten long hours of broken CFL bulb cleanup at home, including airing it out by using windows? This is merely a hassle. We all concerned about safety by calling a phase-out and ban on them”, said Aki Onozawa, a shimatsume of Great Heart’s governing body.

On October 31, Luisa Windmere, the head judge, said that the Belphenian government said that incandescent light bulbs only makes consumers’ energy costs skyrocket and must be banned, and compact fluorescent light bulbs were deemed unsafe for use by all Belphenians because of the lengthy cleanup process, concerns from Great Heart involving their samurai training sessions, and serious health concerns involving mercury among all Belphenians in the Grand Court’s final ruling. On November 1, the proposed ban was approved by the Parliament, and by then, Erza Beard, Prime Minister of Belphenia, signed the ban into law on November 3. The phase out of both incandescent and CFL light bulbs began on November 5, 2015 and ended where the ban went into effect on January 2, 2016.

Merchants and retailers were ordered by the Belphenian government to stop selling incandescent and CFL light bulbs on their store shelves permanently and transition to selling LED light bulbs only at very low prices of 5 Moka Pieces per bulb. The lighting manufacturers, including Nettleton Industries, had been working to produce new lighting fixtures and home products that can handle LED light bulbs to retailers and consumers.

The energy costs are expected to go down for Belphenians who are using LED light bulbs by July 2016.

Phase 1 of the Katsnelson Tram Project gets under way

Work on the troubled Katsnelson Tram Project has finally begun after 6 months of setbacks and delays. The 50 million BUC project aims to reduce load on the already congested Kmet and local roads.

Phase 1 involves the relocation of Katsnelson Mall station, building the new line and station north of Katsnelson Mall and the doubling the Station East Chord. This phase is planned to last 4-5 months,  Lasting until January 2016 at the latest.

Phase 2 involves the shift to the new tram infrastructure and the removal of the old one. From then on, all trams will stop at Katsnelson station. There are to be no major disruptions scheduled during either work phases.

Katsnelson Tram current and projected
Katsnelson Tram route around the station, current and final result