Preparing for the New Year

Pasaliapolis, Pasalia

The year 2016 is heading straight toward its end and everyone is anticipating the celebrations. It has again been a year full of joy and sadness in this country and world. What are we looking for in 2017? 2017 marks the year in which PM Marshall will again run for the job. We will look forward to the new plans of high speed transit the DOT will present in May. We at PNB are really excited about the renovation of our headquarters being finished. In case you and your family will want to enjoy the festivities down at the oceanside in Pasaliapolis please note that the PPD has announced the ban of fireworks near the New Zoological Garden. This is to improve the health of its animals and we will all understand that. Furthermore don’t be surprised to see police blocking downtown streets with trucks and armored vehicles. This is to ensure upmost safety. Please be prepared to let police search your bags for any forbidden items like firecrackers or glass bottles. The Bank of Pasalia has announced to keep its observation deck open this year. The deck was closed last year after a fatal incident involving two men happened. The fireworks will begin at midnight and are expected to last about 30 minutes. CRT will run at increased frequency and offer free shuttles buses from stations into neighborhoods to disencourage drunk driving. Police will conduct breathalyzer tests until noon of Jan 1. PNB will broadcast the celebrations from major cities like Latina, Quentinsburgh, St. Richards and many more. PNB will be here for you again on Jan 2 and Have a happy and safe 2017!

Pasaliapolis Intl. Airport to be closed, Study says


A study commissioned by the government shows what local residents have been fighting for decades long. The new study was done after local emission measurements have shown constant both noise and air pollution in areas adjacent to the airport. PJFI has been often known as one of the tightest and crowded airports of any large international acting city. With planes being put on holding loop over the city, pollution has been present ever since the opening of it in 1961. ,,With official documents now proving our concerns this is a huge success for us” a local man said. Another nearby business owner voiced his concerns too: ,,This is horrible news for us. If the green-socialist eco freaks get their plans through in government and it will be relocated I can only imagine how this would hurt our business.” A study conducted in the early 1990s showed the cost of a potential upgrade of Futuria Airport, demoliton and developing of the current space occupied, at an estimated 28bn PSD. ,,We could do it, (…), although it’d be a massive project. We all know the current situation is not only bad but terrible. Current capacity is ridicously low and the pollution is also adding up to the problem”, a spokeswoman of the mayors office said.  If the project were to be launched next year, it could be finished by 2023. Airport relocations have already been done in other countries.

Pasalia to celebrate its National Day


People on the streets are full of anticipation for Pasalia Day! Major streets in almost every town around the country are closed to traffic and filled with stands selling delicious food, fine alcohol for every adult and of course lots and lots of fun rides and more for the kids. The average reader from abroad might search online and wonder what Pasalia Day is all about? It’s the story of how this Nation struggled to decide: which day is gonna be celebrated? The Independence Declaration? The signing of the Constitution? The last ingerish ship leaving the shores? Well, luckily for our ancestors King Robert of Pasalia decided that his birthday should from now on, that was in 1848, serve as the National Day for Pasalia. And when he passed away it was decided to leave it like that. But! Pasalia Day is more than just getting drunk and screaming the anthem, no, what a disaster this would be, its about acting good and working hard, about being aware that Freedom is precious and many people elsewhere can’t enjoy it, that opression can never be tolerated and luckily for us we can enjoy this small, but in no way irrelevant country in peace and the only things we must fear are season 8 of ,Imma edit dat out!’ and having to honestly answer your wife. So, Go ahead Pasalia! Spend that day good, get some rest tomorrow and then keep working for a better future!

His Majesty is gonna hold a speech on TV later this evening at 8pm.

For PNB this was Ronald McKing

Pasalia to use more bio fuels, will stay car dependent

Pasalia congress announced today that it is going to encourage both companies and consumers to offer, respectively buy more bio fuels to work against a growing dependency on foreign oil imports. This was announced after long arguments if Pasalia should switch to alternative modes of transportation like trains, buses etc. Unthinkable in a country that has some of the highest private automobile ownerships and usage rates. At an average fuel cost of PSD 0.61 (0.69 USD) driving is the most economic mode of transportation for the majority of families. But this comes at a cost: Large cities like Pasaliapolis and Metroville suffer under the highest rates of lung cancer, sour rain and smog in Antherephia. Pasalia imports most of its needed oil from countries like Mazan, Latina and others. Minister of Transport, John A. Verage issued following statement: It’s unbelieveable that our people have to fill up their tanks with oil that is shipped from so far away and giving their hard earned money to foreign countries, instead of using local alternatives. The PTOD is currently looking further to contact other countries that have more experience with green technologies. Even with global oil reserves not lasting forever it is unlikely that private car dependency will decrease anytime soon, as it is also backed up by a culture of long lasting car love. Other alternatives like electric powered cars, that would be usefull due to Pasalia’s high rate of nuclear power production, aren’t viewed as favourably as traditional combustion engine powered ones.


Fire in Mall kills 3, injures dozens.

Pasaliapolis- A fire started on Wednesday evening at aproximately 7.30pm in Weststadt Mall near downtown Pasaliapolis. Shortly before the outbreak several survivors  said to have smelled smoke coming from the Auntie Jane’s Sausage restaurant located in the malls foodcourt. Only a minute later a giant bursting flame engulfed the restaurant, killing three employees and injuring several other people. At 7.31pm the Fire Department received calls about a fire in the Foodcourt and responded. 200 firefighters were involved in evacuating the area, rescuing others and bringing the fire under control. PNB talked to the speaker of the PPFD:,, At about 7.31pm we got several calls from people witnessing a fire in the foodcourt of Weststadt Mall, so we of course immedietly responded. Upon arriving on scene our first priority was rescuing several people trapped in the adjacent store who seem to have been surprised and trapped by the smoke. We were quickly able to sent men inside and reach the location via escalators from the 2nd Floor. We then proceeded to evacuate these people through the emergency exits at the North site of the building. Sadly it was too late for three employees of the restaurant whom we could only discover dead and severely burnt.” The fire is thought to have started in the kitchen area, although the case will be further investigated.

For PNB this was John Fallon.