Carmichael drops out of Graham State Executive Race, endorses Wooten-Whitaker

PERRYSVILLE, GRAHAM, FREEDEMIA- Today at a press conference in Perrysville, Andrew Carmichael officially dropped out of the race for Graham State Executive.  He told KGRN 32 and other local news outlets that he would be leaving the race, turning his focus on doing what he can while in office, and that he was endorsing Diane Wooten-Whitaker. Carmichael was actually met by a medium amount of boos from his largest pool of supporters upon making the announcement. Some at the event were wealthier supporters who disliked both Wooten-Whitaker and Walton.

It had already been implied that this would be Carmichael’s next move, as he hadn’t been very enthusiastic about being allowed back in the race in the first place and had not actively campaigned since being allowed back in. The endorsement of Wooten-Whitaker wasn’t surprising, either, as the two had actually worked together on several bills to improve on the Graham City Crisis, the most prominent being the Graham Funding Reallocation and Business Incentive Act, which actually was the first legal act that helped the overall situation begin improving. It seemed like a logical next step for Carmichael if he truly wanted the people of Graham to believe that he had changed and didn’t just care about reelection.

However, this move definitely outraged two groups- Carmichael’s wealthier, less understanding supporters, who wanted the old Carmichael back in office to push for their own agenda (Obviously not all of his wealthier supporters were detached and uncaring- many, like Kennedy Garrison, the CEO of Bank of Freedemia, have been making huge contributions to work towards fixing the Graham City Crisis) and Grady Walton and his supporters, who are furious at the prospect of the mass of Carmichael supporters flocking to Wooten-Whitaker.

While no official polls have come out since then, an unofficial internet poll by TweetBook showed that out of Andrew Carmichael’s 23% of the vote, about 11% would choose Wooten-Whitaker, about 8% would vote for someone else altogether or just not vote, and only 3% would choose Walton. That makes things worse for Grady Walton, meaning Wooten-Whitaker would be leading Walton around 55% to 32%.

Walton’s prospects in this race seem to be getting slimmer and slimmer as election day approaches. He isn’t out yet, but his chance to win is slipping away rapidly.



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