Hotel Village Square location of Franklin’s to be demolished, made into expanded Park and Ride 3

QUENTINSBURGH- Sean Bond International Airport and Franklin’s LLC. announced earlier today that to provide expanded parking, a building in the Hotel Village Square development south of the airport will be demolished. In its place will be an expanded Park and Ride 3, helping further improve the parking at the airport. The building to be demolished is currently home to an underused Franklin’s Supermarket. All other spaces are vacant, as the Rose Market sharing the building announced that it will be closing its doors in a couple weeks.

“Even with new neighboring residential development, we only saw a few people come in to shop each day. When building this location we greatly overestimated the need for a supermarket. I think this area is much more ripe for a convenience store like JP’s Convenience or Convenience Corner to meet the needs of hotel guests”, manager Joseph Delle explained to reporters.

Franklin’s LLC. has explained plans to instead build a small Franklin’s Express location in the newly built Arbor Square residential development across the railway tracks from Hotel Village Square and a large Franklin’s location down the street at the corner of Courthouse Road and Grant Lakepark Road, both of which have much more potential and demand.

“All of our workers will keep their jobs, new people will be hired, and the company’s profits will improve greatly. And parking will be better at SBD Airport as Park and Ride 3 expands. Everyone wins.”


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