BREAKING NEWS- Woolonian Traditionalist Rebels declare war on Woolonia, Freedemia for supporting Woolonian Government

BREAKING NEWS- PASTUREVILLE– At 12:13pm Freedemian Standard Time today, the Woolonian Traditionalist Rebels released a statement declaring war on the Woolonian government and the Freedemian government or their support of Woolonia.

“To the Woolonian Government- We gave you plenty of warning. You had ample opportunity to meet our demands peacefully. You chose to declare war. War it will be. The cause of traditionalism will victorious over your modern society. And to the government of Freedemia- you have been the largest supporters of the traitorous Woolonian establishment since the first civil war. You had freedom to choose either side. You choose wrong. You are as much of a threat to our traditionalist lifestyles as the Woolonian government. You will also regret your choices in this matter. Take this as a declaration of war, on the Woolonian establishment, its Freedemian support, and other allies of the traitorous government you hold so dear.”

The WTR did not say any specifics about the unnamed “other allies”.

For the pacifist nation of Freedemia, this is the first time war has ever been declared on them. President Angela Rosenthal, while attempting to stay calm, called the news a “national crisis” and the Freedemian National Legislature will convene this evening in an emergency session and time of prayer. It is unclear at this time how Freedemia plans to respond to the declaration of war.

Woolonian President Ferdinand Sealy said he is prepared for anything that they throw at Woolonia and were expecting actions along those lines. However, he expressed extreme sadness that his Freedemian allies were drawn into the situation.

“I want the WTR to understand that Woolonia is not scared of them. We are ready. And we will win. But I also want them to understand that Freedemia and their leaders don’t deserve to be brought into this. When they allied with us, they did so for the overall best interest of all Woolonians. Leave them out of this.”

For more information as it comes in, stay tuned to PWN News for the latest.


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