All-n-One, Franklin’s, to begin offering shuttle service for shoppers

QUENTINSBURGH- In Freedemia, especially in a large city like Quentinsburgh, public transportation is a large part of almost everyone’s lives. Surveys show large amounts of Quentinsburgh residents, about 35%, don’t own a car at all, and most car owners say that public transit is their primary mode of transportation. Many others try to at least use transit for errands.

However, one errand that has always been hard to do using public transportation is grocery shopping. While one may be able to get on the bus with that bag of stuff they just bought from the convenience store, or get on the subway with the new shirts they just picked up at the mall, most people buy groceries in bulk, and there’s usually way too much stuff to be taken on any form of public transit.

All-n-One and Franklin’s are trying to change that. Today, at locations of the supermarket chains all across Freedemia, they launched the beta version of the ShopperShuttle, a shuttle to help get shoppers and their groceries home without them having to drive.

Currently, the system works like the following- The person or persons doing the shopping rides transit to (or gets dropped off at) the store. The person then does his or her shopping. Upon checkout, the cashier will ask the customer if they will need a ride home on ShopperShuttle. For fc75 more added to the check, the ShopperShuttle will take riders and their groceries to their home as long as it is anywhere within a five mile radius of the store.

The stores have said they are soon to start making pickups at homes to take people to the store as well at some locations, especially the more rural ones where public transit to get to the store is not an option.

Franklin’s LLC released this statement-

“We sincerely hope that this program helps make people less car-dependent and makes life just a little bit easier at the same time. We expect the program to be extremely popular and help a lot of people.”

As of right now, Franklin’s locations have at least 2 shuttle buses each, and All-n-One locations have at least 3. Locations may continue to see more added to their “fleet” as demand increases.


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