QUARTA reveals plans for new line 10 to alleviate north south traffic on lines 1, 14, and 5

QUENTINSBURGH- QUARTA, Quentinsburgh’s metropolitan transit authority, revealed plans today for a new line through northwest central Quentinsburgh to be completed in 2026.

The new line, to be named (when completed) Line 10- Wellson/Barbour/March Point Line, serves two primary purposes. First, the line, running north and south through one of the densest areas in the city, will help alleviate overcrowding and traffic on parallel lines 5 to the west and lines 1 and 14 to the east. Second, it will serve several large dense neighborhoods that rely on frequent bus service that currently don’t have convenient subway access.

The line will start along line 2 tracks in downtown at DaSilva/Lieber Concert Hall (2). The line will continue north along line 2 to Wellson/QSU Hospitals (2)(2X)(4)(4X)(5)(5X)(13)(13X), where it will switch to the line 5 tracks and proceed north until just before Quentinsburgh/Hayes/Redent Beach (5), where the line will branch off and go east on Hayes St, North on Wellson St, transfer to Barbour St via Jackson Rd, and go north to Huxtable Towne Center. Then the line would proceed north of the mall via Apex Drive North and then turn onto March Point Rd, where the line would eventually merge with the 5 again to terminate with the 5 alongside the 1 in Matherspark Village.

Line 10 will be built in 2 phases. Phase I, building the track between Hayes Street and Huxtable Towne Center, is expected to be done in 2022. Phase II, building the track between Huxtable Towne Center and March Point/M. Williams Dr and opening the entire line, is expected to be done in 2026. With planning done, construction should begin in early 2017.

Line 10 will run entirely local, and will be given a pink circle/route line, a characteristic taken from the recently discontinued line 12.

Speaking of line 12, QUARTA did mention that a new line 12 between North Quentinsburgh, Northcross, Berkeley Ridge, Carrol Hill, and Franklin Hill is in planning, as well as an extension of line 9 into Meisler and Horizon Springs, but didn’t go into great detail.

Most funding for these lines will come from local and state funds, as most federal funds go to Graham City and their recovery process. This is part of the reason why the estimated construction time is so much longer than other recently built similar lines.


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