Most Quentinsburgh freight flights moving to Walter Sanderson International Airport

MATHERSBORO- One of Quentinsburgh’s largest suburbs and more recently, home to the newly constructed two-terminal Walter Sanderson International Airport. The airport was built with the goal of taking some pressure off of Sean Bond International Airport, the Quentinsburgh region’s main airport and international hub.

However, as of today, no airlines have made the decision to move any flights to Walter Sanderson Intl., citing Sean Bond International’s convenient access to downtown. FreedemiAir has proposed adding about five flights from Walter Sanderson Intl’s state of the art Terminal 1 to some of the airline’s biggest hubs, such as St. Richards, Pretany; Khaiwoon; and Ciudad Latina, Latina. However, that is the only interest passenger airlines have shown in the airport.

“I do believe it was a good idea to build the airport, and I do think the area will eventually need a second airport as it continues to grow outward. However, I feel that we built it just a few years too early. The demand doesn’t exist yet. Perhaps as more airlines from other countries begin flights to Freedemia, we’ll need it. But without density around the airport, connections to the airport, and enough flights that some have to be moved to the airport, Walter Sanderson International Airport isn’t going to see much passenger traffic,” Darren Dervinte, head designer of the master plan for the airport explained to PWN in a recent interview.

However, Walter Sanderson Intl’s Terminal 2 may soon see a boom in a different type of flights- freight and cargo flights. Under Dervinte’s plan, most freight shipments will be moved from Sean Bond International’s Terminal D to Walter Sanderson International’s Terminal 2.

“Terminal 2 is small and modern, and the airport, while isolated from transit, is easily accessed by truck via Bond Blvd. It’s in the perfect location for freight traffic. Not to mention, as more passenger flights go to Sean Bond International, SBD won’t be able to handle all the freight traffic. Walter Sanderson International is the perfect solution.”

“Sean Bond International’s Terminal D will become more of a private flights terminal, whIle Walter Sanderson International’s Terminal 2 will permanently become Quentinsburgh’s primary freight terminal. There’s actually the capacity for double or triple the freight flights at the new airport, especially with no passenger flights at the moment.”

The change will go into effect July 1st. Drivers can expect more truck traffic along Bond Blvd as the change occurs. The Quentins Department of Transportation recommends using QUARTA metro line 2 within Quentinsburgh and Northcross. However, there shouldn’t be a drastic increase in overall traffic congestion.


One thought on “Most Quentinsburgh freight flights moving to Walter Sanderson International Airport

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