Pasalia to use more bio fuels, will stay car dependent

Pasalia congress announced today that it is going to encourage both companies and consumers to offer, respectively buy more bio fuels to work against a growing dependency on foreign oil imports. This was announced after long arguments if Pasalia should switch to alternative modes of transportation like trains, buses etc. Unthinkable in a country that has some of the highest private automobile ownerships and usage rates. At an average fuel cost of PSD 0.61 (0.69 USD) driving is the most economic mode of transportation for the majority of families. But this comes at a cost: Large cities like Pasaliapolis and Metroville suffer under the highest rates of lung cancer, sour rain and smog in Antherephia. Pasalia imports most of its needed oil from countries like Mazan, Latina and others. Minister of Transport, John A. Verage issued following statement: It’s unbelieveable that our people have to fill up their tanks with oil that is shipped from so far away and giving their hard earned money to foreign countries, instead of using local alternatives. The PTOD is currently looking further to contact other countries that have more experience with green technologies. Even with global oil reserves not lasting forever it is unlikely that private car dependency will decrease anytime soon, as it is also backed up by a culture of long lasting car love. Other alternatives like electric powered cars, that would be usefull due to Pasalia’s high rate of nuclear power production, aren’t viewed as favourably as traditional combustion engine powered ones.



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