StepStone releases long awaited StoneTab, StoneBook, StepUp Console, StepUpPhone

TRENCHENT- Stores will have several long awaited StepStone products on the shelves on Monday, as several products announced earlier this year hit the shelves.

The new products include a new line of tablets and laptops, the StoneTab and StoneBook lines. While slightly thicker than the StepTab and StepBook lines, they boast a nearly indestructible built-in case, a new more modern sleek squarish metallic design, and more powerful processors than the other line, with the StoneTab having power closer to that of a current StepBook and the StoneBook having the power of a current StepBook Pro. The Stone line, emphasizing durability and power, will be sold alongside the StepTab and StepBook lines, which emphasize sleekness and convenience and are supposed to see their own updated models by the New Year’s shopping season.

Monday also marks the release of the long awaited StepUp Home Console, StepStone’s first video game console. While the system is mostly a plug into the television console, the controllers are wireless. As of now, StepStone is relying on popular PC games, as most of the popular video games this year are owned by competitor Megamer Games, who has made it clear their games will not be released for the StepUp. StepStone also released the StepUp DiscReadX, a disk reading device that connects to phones and tablets turning them into handheld StepUp Consoles, as well as special StepPhone models (currently called the StepUpPhone) that have built in buttons for gameplay and come with the DiscReadX. However, it does appear that the handheld options will not compete as well as StepStone hoped to compete with Megamer’s uber-popular GameOne SuperNova and GamePhone SuperNova.

These devices will be available in Freedemia Monday and internationally on June 6th.


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