MGTA announces plans to demolish condemned elevated subway lines, replace with BRT lanes

PRINCE, GRAHAM CITY- Several condemned elevated subway lines throughout Graham City will not be renovated or rebuilt, MGTA announced today in revealing the preliminary version of the city’s new transit plan. As a long term solution, the structures will be torn down and replaced by street running Bus Rapid Transit, an alternative cheaper to build and cheaper to operate. The system also announced routes for a frequent transit network, effective almost immediately, to restore transit to the entire city, especially until the BRT is at least partially complete.

MGTA Frequent Transit Network and restored bus service to all five boroughs

The plan released today consisted largely of short term plans and long term proposals. Realizing the need for immediate improvements, MGTA announced the restoration of local bus service to almost every major neighborhood in all five boroughs. The service has been made possible by renewed funding and a newly purchased fleet of no-frills buses. While many lines will be “underserved” in comparison to overall demand, in comparison to current service it will be a much needed improvement. Several major lines have also been chosen to be part of MGTA’s new frequent service network, largely serving lines that will be turned into BRT over the next three to four years.

Bus Rapid Transit to replace condemned elevated subway lines, service new major routes

MGTA made the announcement that only one abandoned subway line, the K in Creeklyn, would be restored to service, due to huge demand around the tracks and relatively good conditions. All other abandoned, condemned or demolished lines will be torn down (or used for non-subway purposes) and replaced with new street running BRT lines. Current proposals take six lane streets and make the middle two-to-four lanes (depending on the location) traffic lanes (and sometimes street side parking) and the outer two lanes into Local Bus and BRT lanes.

The BRT network will go beyond just demolished subway tracks, too. Routes will be modified to best serve the surrounding areas, and a couple other major corridors never serviced by rail will gain their own BRT routes. 

MGTA speculated that if twenty-five to thirty years from now Graham City was booming again and had made a full recovery and needed even stronger transit, that the BRT could be converted into a Light Rail system. However, the plan for now is to build the BRT. All BRT routes are expected to be minimally operating with ordinary buses by 2020, although some more expensive aspects (modern BRT stations instead of regular bus stop shelters, special buses for BRT, etc) likely won’t come until around 2025.


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