Woolonian Cross-Party Alliance for Defense Against Traditionalist Terrorism (CADATT) formed

WOOLPORT- In light of recent events and an attack that killed leaders of several parties and attempted to kill the President, Woolonian parties and the federal government have created a coalition known as the Cross-Party Alliance for Defense Against Traditionalist Terrorism, or CADATT.

Several parties and government positions lost leaders in the attack, the worst attack by a traditionalist rebel since the end of the Woolonian Civil War. Under CADATT, the remaining party leaders will reach across party lines on the topic of traditionalist terrorism. Party leaders from all sides and President Ferdinand Sealy (from the Christian Shepherd Party) have agreed to put partisan politics and party platforms aside and focus entirely as one unit to defeat the Woolonian Traditionalist Rebels and other traditionalist terrorist organizations like Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, as well as to further the rebuilding and recovery of the nation as a whole.

CADATT is being compared by some to Freedemia’s Amendment 13, which banned political parties back in the 1950’s. However, CADATT is likely temporary, and will likely be repealed (or simply allowed to expire) after the terrorist threats are extinguished. Nonetheless, it shows a very good cross-partisan coalition in the face of a threat to national security. This could result in several party realignments in coming years.


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