More steps taken to aid Graham City Recovery

GRAHAM CITY- Graham City has seen its share of people ignoring its problems. However, as the recovery process continues to progress, more steps are being taken by those outside the city to help.

QUARTA partnering with MGTA to help struggling transit system

The Quentinsburgh Urban Area Rapid Transit Authority, better known as QUARTA, announced today that it would be partnering with Graham City’s Metropolitan Graham Transit Authority (MGTA) to help revitalize and improve Graham City’s transit. Several planners will be  temporarily transferring to MGTA to assist in the rebuilding process. Planners are expected to look at temporary and long term solutions, such as a temporary frequent bus system to serve areas where train service has been suspended, and a long term BRT to serve areas where rebuilding demolished or condemned subway lines would be too costly. Both are very feasible solutions, since the reduced population (and the high percentage of impoverished individuals who do not own vehicles) means roads are not used as frequently and that converting traffic lanes into transit lanes would not be an inconvenience to drivers.

Starmobile, Starmobility, creating special discounted packages for new buses and new train cars for MGTA

Starmobility, Starmobile’s bus, train, and truck division, announced discounted packages especially for MGTA. The no-frills buses and subway cars will lack many features that other systems have, such as wi-fi, digital maps and digital signage. However, trains are modified versions of the newest models available, and discounted to extremely low prices. Starmobility plans to charge other transit systems more for the buses and trains with more amenities to help pay for the huge price cut given to MGTA.

Developer Franklin-Harris LLC moving main office to Graham City to help with rebuilding and to benefit from “coming boom”

The board of well known developer Franklin-Harris voted on Monday to move the main office to Graham City, while keeping the Quentinsburgh office open.

CEO Jonathan Franklin had first proposed the move, and believes that is a smart investment for the company. “Graham City has such potential, and I’m almost 100% sure that as it recovers, it will become a hotspot for new development. I believe this is a good investment, for now and for the long run.”


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