Andrew Carmichael, Diane Wooten-Whitaker, pass Graham Higher Education Act

GRAHAM CITY- Graham Executive Andrew Carmichael signed the Graham Higher Education Act of 2016 into law this morning, a concept proposed by Executive Candidate Diane Wooten-Whitaker to the Graham state legislature earlier this week. The act creates two new public technological universities in the state, Graham State Technical University (GSTU) and Graham Institute of Technology. (GiT) It also creates similar programs at the existing University of Graham State- Creeklyn (UGS-C).

In a statement released from Wooten-Whitaker shortly before the press release where Andrew Carmichael signed the bill, she made it very clear she had no intention of waiting until after the October Election to help the Graham City recovery process.

“I fully plan to take my ideas to the legislature of this state, and to allow them to do what needs to be done. Graham City can’t wait until October. I plan to do everything I can to help them now.”

The proposed Graham State Technical University would open first, using part of the existing Kenneth University campus in Knox (which will become part of GSTU upon reopening) and building a new campus across the street in what used to be an office park before all tenants left and the buildings were condemned. After renovations and Phase I of the new construction, GSTU is expected to open for a small first class in Fall 2018. Graham Institute of Technology will be a brand new campus at the current site of a now abandoned and soon to be demolished shopping mall in Prince, and is expected to open to a full first class in Fall 2021. Until then, new technology and engineering programs will be provided at the existing University of Graham State-Creeklyn, during the 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 school years. The program will continued to be offered at UGS-C beyond those years as well.

Much of the funding for these new schools and new programs will be paid for by SRAFRA, the federal fund reallocation act transferring military and election funds to education, transportation, and healthcare.

“These schools will make not only Graham State, but Graham City itself, a world leader in technological schools”, Carmichael said during the press conference. “In the coming weeks, presidents and boards for both new schools well be named, design for the campuses will begin, and we will begin to hire the best of the best nationwide and worldwide to fuel these programs.”


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