Andrew Carmichael’s approval ratings rise after passing of Graham F.R.A.B.I. Act

GRAHAM CITY- Even in the midst of facing corruption charges, Graham Executive Andrew Carmichael saw his approval ratings rise for the first time in years. He recently passed a bill known as the Graham Funding Allocation and Business Incentive Act, or the Graham FRABI Act, that is meant to help Graham City recover from its current state.

The bill has been praised by analysts to be the strongest recovery bill in Graham City’s history, (though even more is expected to come from Diane Wooten-Whitaker if she is elected to replace Carmichael) and many saw this as the first good thing to ever come from Carmichael’s desk. 

In the days since the passing of the FRABI Act, Carmichael went from 4% approval and 83% disapproval to 34% approval and only 31% disapproval. The remaining 32% seemed shocked and wanted to see if Carmichael could stay consistent.

It even pushed many others to push for Carmichael to be allowed back into the election. A poll done with only Diane Wooten-Whitaker against Grady Walton put Wooten-Whitaker at 73% and Walton at 21%. However, the same poll done with Carmichael allowed back in the race showed Wooten-Whitaker at 61%, Walton at 20%, and Carmichael at 18%.

Grady Walton’s campaign filed complaints about the government’s statement that they would reconsider banning Carmichael from running again.

“We know who this man is. We’ve gone nowhere for the past six years under his leadership. Why in the world should we give him another chance just because he finally did one thing right? This could just be some stunt to get re-elected. He did it two years ago, why should we trust him now? He has PROVEN himself to be corrupt. Letting him run again would be a huge mistake.”

Carmichael made his own statement, who made it clear that this wasn’t about being re-elected.

“At this point, it’s not about me trying to run for reelection. I’ve made that mistake before. This time, it’s about serving the people I represent as Executive today. I mean it. Whether or not I am able to run for reelection, I will use the amount of time I have in this office to help the people of this fair state. They deserve better than what they’ve been getting from me. I’m going to give them better as long as I can, and I trust both Wooten-Whitaker and Walton to do the same if they do replace me.”

Most people are just hoping that either way, Carmichael is truly trying to do better and make a leading positive difference either way.


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