Party members vote to rename WSA Party to New Woolonian Socialist Party to differentiate from past actions

NEW WOOLEY- Members of the Woolonian Socialist Association Party meeting at the annual WSA Convention voted today to change their name and logo to better represent their current beliefs.

From the 1910s into the early 1980s, the WSA Party controlled all of Woolonian politics. The country was entirely dominated by the single party, often called a “pseudo-democratic dictatorship” by outsiders and opponents. Parties chose their president, and with the WSA having control of almost all funding and generally all of Parliament, leaders Weldin Hurdell and Marlo Chesnov were nearly unopposed, other than by the early Woolonian Traditionalist Rebels and a few pro-democracy movements.

However, stances have changed greatly since the days of Hurdell and the fall of the Chesnov regime. The party has lost almost all seats in Parliament, and have embraced modern Woolonian democratic socialism. Their platform today could be better compared to other modern countries’ socialism than to the oppressive communistic background they were known for. In 2002, the party even put in a plank into their platform denouncing the past actions of the party and expelling everyone who was responsible or who sympathized with the “horrible actions” they had once committed.

(Those expelled tried to make a new party known as the Woolonian Order Alliance, but failed miserably. Many would later be charged for their links to the Chesnov administration when the modern government enforced “Woolonian Reconstruction” legislation and started legal action against the former regime.)

The party now advocates for a more socialist system, but with democratic leanings. Stances include more government funding for and oversight of the sheep industry, universal healthcare, government-given retirement funding and welfare, and national systems for education and transportation.

However, many still avoid voting for the party or supporting the party due to the remaining stigma from the regimes of Hurdell and Chasnov. Some aren’t very educated about the changes that have happened within the party.

“I’m a member of the Christian Shepherd Party,” one voter told PWN shortly before the convention. “I do not agree with the stances of the WSA and I wouldn’t vote for them. However, I do know that this isn’t the same party that ran oppressive regimes back in the 1900s.  People need to understand that the party has changed. I feel like if they were to change their image, people would have a better idea.”

Today, the party finally made the move to change that image. As of today, the party is now the New Woolonian Socialist Party, with slogans “Democratic Socialism for a New Woolonia” and “For the People, not the Party”. Every choice the party has made during this week long convention was to change the image of the party and reassure the people that the party has changed, their stances have changed, and members actually care about the people they want to serve.


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