Controversial Belphenian pop singer apologizes to warriors, families of victims of the Battle of Shirahoshi for “The Resurgence of a Fateful Day”

Jellal (Belphenia State Television, Angel News Channel, News 9 Erzaleria) – Araki Isono, the controversial Belphenian pop singer who sang the “Resurgence of a Fateful Day” that offended warriors, families, and victims of the Battle of Shirahoshi, apologized on state media Thursday and deleted the controversial music video off the radio and the Internet.

“Please let me to apologize to the public as I write this letter. As you all aware, since February 2016, “The Resurgence of a Fateful Day” have offended many samurai, pirates, and the people of Belphenia. After I found out that the song was offensive, I was deeply saddened. I want to apologize to the people that I am very sorry I made you all feel offended, and I didn’t mean to create a music video and song about the scene where Saenna sees a pirate, or samurai hugging a Volkman supporter beside the Shirahoshi River in Hinahi. I had to delete the music video off from social media, and called the record companies to destroy all physical copies, and delete all digital content of the controversial song. I want to show more respect to the veterans and families of victims of the Battle of Shirahoshi by not creating a song that offended them. Please forgive me…”, Isono apologized on social media and she broke down to tears while visiting her cousins in Jellal, Icebarrow.

On Tuesday, May 3, 2016, the samurai in Icebarrow took the protests to the streets of Jellal demanding Isono to apologize to the Battle of Shirahoshi warriors and families for portraying a fictional girl named Saenna and singing the offensive lyrics in the music video. In Shovelmage Prefecture, residents wants “The Resurgence of a Fateful Day” to be pulled from Belphenian airwaves.

The song and music video was banned in Maydien for “promoting grave disrespect to the Belphenian factions, in which the warriors are samurai and pirates who liberated the theocratic and strong nation from the scourges of Sasuke Volkman”, said Princess Gertrude of Maydien on social media on May 3, 2016. “We wish Araki Isono should now consider apologizing to the veterans, families, and victims of the Battle of Shirahoshi and have the record companies to pull the controversial song of from all Belphenian airwaves”, she added.

On May 10, 2016, protesters at EWGN-FM and ENMI-FM in Erzaleria turned violent after residents complained about the controversial song being played on the two stations at the same time in Nami. Some protesters blocked Trafalgar Road and Trans-Erzaleria Road 157, demanding Isono to apologize to the public, according to News 9 Erzaleria. Jonathan Dolie, a radio station host at ENMI-FM, said on the radio that “the Resurgence of a Fateful Day should be pulled from airwaves, and we are sorry for the offensive song we played earlier.”

The media regulation agencies in Belphenia, Erzaleria, and Maydien are working on preventative measures to help the music industry to avoid using such offensive content involving content depicting Sasuke Volkman and his regime in music videos and tracks in both physical and digital copies in the music industry. The samurai and pirates, and families of victims of the Battle of Shirahoshi are planning to forgive Isono and her record companies in Belphenia for their wrongdoings.


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