Andrew Carmichael apologizes publicly for misconduct, announces Graham Funding Reallocation and Business Incentive Act

GRAHAM CITY- Graham State Executive Andrew Carmichael publicly apologized today for recent actions and bad leadership and presented new ideas to help the state thrive.

At a press conference in a park in Downtown Creeklyn, Carmichael directly apologized to Diane Wooten-Whitaker for his distasteful attacks on her awkwardness and her bladder mishap during her bid for vice president. He also apologized to constituents for his immaturity and his attitude in recent months, and to voters for not having done his job to the best of his ability.

Carmichael announced and explained a new bill known as the Graham Funding Reallocation and Business Incentive Act, or the Graham F.R.A.B.I Act.

Under the program, businesses who dedicate at least 2 million Freedins to the Graham recovery process or expand/relocate in Graham City creating at least 500 jobs get a five year corporate tax break. The hope is that such policies create incentives for companies to expand. However, the city’s wealthiest individuals, including Carmichael himself, would see large personal tax increases. The plan would have to be approved by the federal government, but most are pleasantly surprised by the smart bill and its potential.

“Honestly, I’m shocked, but this bill could make huge short term progress for Graham. And this bill’s coming from the same man who seemed to focus on projects helping the wealthy. This definitely shows why Carmichael was elected in the first place, the fact that he really can do a good job helping everyone”, President Rosenthal stated in an interview.

Carmichael also said that for the next ten years, tax revenue from high-income high-profit businesses in Graham City itself (the borough) and in nearby Perryville, both of which are doing far better than the poorer parts of the city, would be redirected into the rebuilding process in the impoverished boroughs, particularly the transportation. Cheaper land prices with improved transportation, he explained, often bring new developments that help the community thrive.

Carmichael also reallocated project money from developments in the well-off areas in Graham City and put it towards fixing the Graham City Port (in hopes of becoming a trade hub again) and into repairing and maintaining MGTA subway lines and running buses (including many temporary bus lines to make up for the demolished elevated subway lines).

Analyst John Dennerson from PWN Politics was surprised at the common sense solutions in the bill. “Assuming these plans were to go into action this week, as long as Carmichael’s replacement doesn’t repeal them, which is unlikely anyway, this could make a large difference for Graham City in the near future. Coupled with President Rosenthal’s New Start Deal programs helping the city recover, we could see massive improvement in just five to ten years. If Diane Wooten-Whitaker is elected to replace Carmichael, her plans for education and tourism added in would basically create the strongest recovery plan I’ve ever seen in situations like this.”

If this action grows Carmichael’s approval ratings, Diane Wooten-Whitaker would actually be the one to gain from it- While she is fighting to improve things in Graham, and is running against Carmichael, her policies line up a lot with the F.R.A.B.I. Act, and she has been much less disapproving and much less vocal against Carmichael than her opponent Grady Walton.


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