Rose Market, Home&Closet owners announce rebranding of HalfnHalf stores as RoseMax

QUENTINSBURGH- A new name will be coming to a chain of superstores in Freedemia, as Rosemax-Homeway LLC., the owner of Rose Market and Home&Closet, announced that all HalfnHalf Superstores will be renovated and rebranded as RoseMax Superstores.

Rosemax (and its chains, Rose Market and Xtramart) merged with Homeway (and its chain Home&Closet) merged in 2014 in hopes of better competing with larger stores like the Franklin’s-All-n-One chain by combining their products. In late 2014 they launched a new store layout with a new location in Franklinsburgh under the name Half and Half. By 2016 the store model had expanded and the branding had become HalfnHalf, perhaps to compete with All-n-One. The stores put a full sized Rose Market and a full sized Home&Closet under the same roof, combined providing options similar to those provided by All-n-One in a smaller setting. The chains to this day have been quite successful.

However, the idea of keeping the stores separate under the same roof would become an issue. While the HalfnHalf concept was originally for originality, it made the chain sound inferior to other superstores and made it seem more like two stops in one place.

Under the new model, one side of the store will remain the Rose Market supermarket side and the other will remain the Home&Closet side. However, both sides will have a unified design and the overall branding on both sides will be RoseMax. Rose Market and Home&Closet will act more as branding for each section, instead of operating as two stores in one building. The separate smaller names (Rose Market and Home&Closet) will be removed from the outside of stores and from exterior signage. The new RoseMax logo uses the same styling as the Rose Market logo, so it will remain very recognisable. However, Home&Closet will remain on the signage in a smaller size as a sort of subtitle to remind shoppers that the RoseMax brand includes more than the Rose Market grocery options.

“We’re excited about the new RoseMax branding,” states CFO Jessica Beth-Martin. “It gives a new unifying appeal to the HalfnHalf stores, and makes the Rose Market brand a strong competitor for stores like All-n-One.”

All-n-One is not threatened by the growing chain in any manner, as the store is still the largest chain of its mind by far. Ironically, large Franklin’s locations are right behind All-n-One, and both are owned by Franklin’s LLC. However, with foreign competitor Gigante just entering the market and ValueMart closing lots of locations, rapidly expanding RoseMax could easily become the second largest superstore chain in Freedemia.

Rosemax-Homeway has also expressed interest in buying dying ValueMart. However, that has not been set in stone yet. Such an acquisition would give RoseMax another boost, with very large locations and an entirely new brand of high quality products. If that buyout happens, all old stores (not being shut down) would become RoseMax locations, and Rosemax-Homeway could actually pose a threat to Franklin’s LLC. in the long term, as owning Rose Market and a superstore chain made to compete with All-n-One would be the perfect matchup against Franklin’s and All-n-One.


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