Minority Leader Gerald Astern of Traditional Shepherd Party, other officials, killed by Woolonian Rebels

WOOLPORT- BREAKING NEWS- In a meeting open to the press in Woolport today between President Ferdinand Sealy, peaceful traditionalist groups, Traditional Shepherd Party leaders, Christian Shepherd Party leaders, Labor Party officials, and other elected officials, an attack took place. A Woolonian Traditionalist Rebel claiming to be part of the press assassinated several high ranking officials, including Traditional Shepherd Party Minority Leader Gerald Ansten, Christian Shepherd Party Majority Leader Freida Breuerman, and Secretary of Industry Sandra Fernenden. President Sealy was almost assassinated as well, but succeeded in getting out of the way in time.

It appears a rebel came in posing as a reporter and with a fake press pass, waited until the event was underway, then took a dartblower out of what had appeared to be a mic shaft and shot several officials with poison darts.

The rebel apparently shot Gerald Ansten first, yelling out that “The Traditional Shepherd Party is traitorous scum! They have sucked up to the organized government that has taken our way of life! They must pay!” He then yelled out something about how the Woolonian Government would suffer and will soon meet its end, shooting the remaining darts off. Five major officials, including those listed earlier, were killed, and one reporter died. Several others were injured in the commotion.

President Sealy made a statement from a secure press room an hour after the attack, saying “This was an attack not only on our government, but on the heart of Modern Woolonia and our way of life. This tragic event shows how terrible and evil the WTR truly are. This cannot be tolerated. They can not be condoned and they can not be contained. They must be eliminated. We will not legitimize these rebels in declaring war. However, every action in our power will be taken to defeat this threat.”

This appears to be fulfilling a lot of fears about the possibility of a second Woolonian Civil War.


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