Marco Nelson to head new Freedemian military committee on Woolonian Traditionalist Rebels

QUENTINSBURGH- President Rosenthal announced in the light of recent attacks in both Freedemia and Woolonia by Woolonian Traditionalist Rebels that former Vice President Marco Nelson would be heading a new military committee on how to combat the WTR.

Marco Nelson has a strong background in foreign policy, and had been in the Freedemian Airborne Forces as a reserve pilot before becoming mayor of Fort Elwood, then Reeds State Executive, and then Vice President.

“In a time like this, we need a strong committee to work with two purposes in mind- keeping peace here at home, and protecting ourselves and not jeopardizing our safety. I strongly believe in Marco Nelson, and I am happy to know that he is the one keeping us safe.”

Nelson will head the Temporary Committee on Combating Woolonian Traditionalist Rebels and Protecting Domestic Safety, a.k.a. the Temporary Committee on WTR and Domestic Safety. The group will change over time, but at the moment it is trying to see what course of action the nation needs to take to keep its citizens safe.

Freedemia is hoping that the situation does not develop into a full fledged civil war. Woolonia is the only military ally Freedemia has, and if a war erupts, Freedemia could be forced to participate in it. If that happens and this becomes the Second Woolonian Civil War, this would be the first full-blown war that Freedemia would ever participate in in its history.


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