Freedemian government warns that Change for Graham cannot endorse or fund leader Grady Walton for Graham executive

PRINCE, GRAHAM CITY- Candidate for Graham State Executive Grady Walton got a pretty direct warning from the Freedemian Funding Party and the Department of Justice today, warning that if his activist group Change For Graham was to endorse him for Executive,  especially if they were to fund him, the group could be labeled a political party and he and group leaders could face corruption charges.

Under Amendment 13, and under the recent court case U.F.U. vs. People’s Liberal Activist Group, all implied political parties, including groups full of politicians and/or a politician’s supporters that push for a common political agenda and provide funding for a candidate, are banned by federal law.

Grady Walton is the founder and leader of Change for Graham, and members of the group make up most of Walton’s supporters. The Department of Justice explained that currently the group is fine, and that it is clear that the group does not exist for a political purpose, but that it is beginning to teeter on the edge of the gray area that the government has become more likely to label “political”. While opponent Diane Wooten-Whitaker is also technically a member of the group, she was much less active in it and was not responsible for its creation or operation.

Recent polls showed that while only 21% of Graham voters support Walton, an astonishing 87% of Change For Graham members supported him. Wooten-Whitaker only has the support of 13% of their members, for reasons unrelated to the group itself. This has led many officials to be weary of the group’s political leaning.

“A candidate’s own group cannot endorse them. Plain and simple. This would apply equally to Wooten-Whitaker if she tried to do something similar. It creates an unfair advantage to have a group you control endorse you, especially if that endorsement includes funding. That could literally be considered embezzlement. Wooten-Whitaker is already seeing a clear disadvantage within the group, and it seems like Walton, perhaps not on purpose, is pushing further towards that line.”

While the group is not currently affected, it does seem this announcement could help slow the Walton momentum, a good thing for Wooten-Whitaker.

An interesting side note- the wealthiest individuals in Graham City are refusing to back Walton and Wooten-Whitaker, still saying they want incumbent Andrew Carmichael allowed back in the race despite looming corruption charges. If he was allowed back in, not much would change- only about 2% of Graham residents, generally the super wealthy, actually support him, and that wouldn’t even be taking votes from Walton or Wooten-Whitaker. It would take a miracle at this point for him to be reelected.


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