Belphenia remembers 5th anniversary of the Battle of Shirahoshi

Jasmine City, Jasmine Prefecture (Belphenia State Television, Sakura News Center, Angel News Channel) – With Reiko Beard, First Leader of Belphenia and Prime Minister Erza Beard, Luisa Drain and her family, and the samurai and the Guilds of Belphenia used the horagai beside National Route 73 (The Battle of Shirahoshi Warriors Memorial Highway, BR 73) and bowed their heads during the moment of silence as Belphenia marks the fifth anniversary of the Battle of Shirahoshi, the historic war against supporters of the nation’s late dictator, Sasuke Volkman on Wednesday at 6:56am local time, the moment the first stage of the war began.

In Remiville, Deputy Prime Minister Masahide Shiroma gave a speech at the Ryushime Samurai District to the Knights of the Eraede and the Sword of the Neredgers, and many local guilds and factions. Sakura Kurmochi also gave a 70-minute speech honoring the warriors who are still living to this day, and to honor those who sacrificed or lost their lives in the Battle of Shirahoshi to redeem Belphenia from the Volkman regime.

At 6:56am, the Sapphire Swan Flag was raised at half-mast in the city of Hinahi, Edaleria at an area where the main war began. Shortly after 7:00am local time, the memorial ceremonies began, attended by the samurai, pirates, the Guilds of Belphenia, the Government of Belphenia, and the governing body of Great Heart.

On May 11, 2016, the theocratic, and determined nation looked to the future during the current Moka period while remembering the past.

Recruiting the Guilds of Belphenia

Five years ago after the events of the April 5th massacre in Remiville and the works of the Liberate Belphenia Guild that led to the dethronement of Sasuke Volkman, the Volkman regime weakened suddenly when many Belphenians learned the truth about the dictator’s cult of personality and his war crimes through radio broadcasts and on the then state media-Belphenia Central News Authority. When the old government lost control of ruling Belphenia, Belphenia was restored to democracy.

Between April 20th and May 1st, 2011, the Knights of the Eraede, the Sword of the Neredgers, and the Drain Family were concerned about the remaining Volkman supporters may likely regain control of Belphenia under another dictatorship. In Zerish, South Belphenia (now Erzanna Prefecture), samurai Becky Dearden formed the Burning Horizon Guild on April 27 to create the new Belphenian government that will become the Clear Heart period’s Government of Belphenia. The samurai from the Greridia shogunate warned Dearden that her attempts to form the new Belphenian government would likely be impossible to establish due to remnants of the Volkman regime still ruling most parts of Belphenia.

On April 30, samurai Hajime and Luisa Drain formed the Zerephine Clan to bring the remnants of the Volkman regime down, and used email services to recruit the samurai and pirates across Belphenia without being seen by Volkman’s supporters. In the Jasmine Mountains, the Drain Family recruited more samurai to the area, but it was not enough for Luisa Drain to accomplish and she became the faction’s new leader. When Volkman’s forces left Calumet City, Sutton Province (now Heartfilia Prefecture) for Sutton City (now Zerephine City), she and the Guilds of Belphenia plotted invasions, raids, and seizures in cities where the still-active Volkman regime govern. She wrote this on a piece of paper just in case if Sasuke Volkman finds the paper saying: “Sasuke Volkman, the People’s Republic of Belphenia has had enough of you. Leave this country and never come back.”

On May 1, the Drain Family recruited Belphenia’s most strongest guilds: The Knights of the Eraede, and the Sword of the Neredgers, from Northwest Belphenia. The total amount of recruited samurai has risen to 510, and on May 5, it rose to 14,022 on the day when Sasuke Volkman was expelled (and excommunicated) from Great Heart, then 21,396, and finally, 45,882. Luke Drain, an Erzanna samurai, approached to the Drain Family and provided assistance in gathering swords, supplies, clothing, and motor vehicles for the samurai and the Guilds of Belphenia. On the early morning of May 11, 826 pirates from the Glesa region were recruited.

Two years that changed Belphenia

At 6:56am local time, the first stage of the war began when the samurai invaded the Volkman Gardens in Horizon City and overthrew the local Volkman regime. The first battle took place at Sasuke Volkman’s residence where 233 Volkman supporters were executed, but 198 samurai were killed in the process. One pirate, Hiro Rokanima, renamed Horizon City to Calumet City, telling the Volkman supporters that a new government will now rule the city and Belphenia under theocracy. Between June and December 2011, the second stage took place with pirates helping the samurai take back many villages including Nihonia along the Shirahoshi River and killed 924 Volkman supporters. But the war took the life of Eriko Enoki, the late Sword of the Neredgers’ guild master on January 7, 2012. The third stage followed when Volkman’s military forces tried to invade the city of Zeref. Local factions quickly executed 106 Volkman supporters and seized 70 military tanks, 14 trucks, four vans, two buses, and one car. On March 15, 2012, the village of Hinahi became the epicenter of the main battle where 32,436 Volkman supporters and 29,998 samurai and pirates were killed, that the Drain Family had to recruit 25,000 more samurai when they learned the fate of those factions killed in that stage.

In the fourth stage of the war, pirates near the Mirasako-kawa Wilderness took down 21 Volkman-controlled military bases using cannons equipped on their ships, killing 1,055 Volkman soldiers. In Ackerman, access to the Port of Sutton City (now Port of Zerephine) and the mouth of the Shirahoshi River in South Belphenia Province (now Xanthe Prefecture) were blocked. In the final stage of the war, samurai Sakura Kurmochi defeated all 65 members of the entire Edeiwyn Clan, and became the first Belphenian samurai ever to defeat the most dangerous pirate, Sumi Kuroda, on July 23, 2013 in Zerish. On July 30, 2013, Kurmochi executed the last Volkman supporter who ruled over the city of Akashiya, Lisa Nitamori. After the war ended, the samurai and the Guilds of Belphenia became victorious. The final death toll from the Battle of Shirahoshi were 32,581 dead including the samurai, pirates, police, firefighters, and paramedics. 98,239 people were injured, 303 missing, 199 were rescued, and 55 were unaccounted for. The war resulted in 377,244,095 Moka Pieces in damages.

Belphenia today

In the current post-Volkman period, freedom was restored since the dethronement of Sasuke Volkman on April 19, 2011. Furthermore, there were many changes in the Laws of Belphenia that includes a strict law on naming weapons of any form, including swords, armor, and firearms to have names, and sword-naming ceremonies conducted by Great Heart became mandatory for everyone living in Belphenia. Future leaders engaging to rule over Belphenia under dictatorships were outlawed, airport security was tightened by the Belphenia Imperial Guard Corps and the Homeland Security Guild, and all government, guild and samurai premises are now monitored by guards and law enforcement.

Since July 2011, Belphenia’s traffic laws changed when traffic now primarily drives on the left, and in special cities, traffic now drives on the right. In October 2013, provinces on the political map became prefectures and were renamed by the Guilds of Belphenia.

In December 2015, the Sapphire Swan Flag was retired as Belphenia’s official national flag and was replaced by the current Endless Wind Flag for the Moka Period. In addition, the government appoints the nation’s first Deputy Prime Minister, Masahide Shiroma.

In May 2016, the culture of the samurai prospered since the Arata Heart period. That evolved to the current Tadashinori Culture during Reiko Beard’s reign in the Moka period, and prospered after more than 500 years since the Sarashimari Culture.


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