Fire in Mall kills 3, injures dozens.

Pasaliapolis- A fire started on Wednesday evening at aproximately 7.30pm in Weststadt Mall near downtown Pasaliapolis. Shortly before the outbreak several survivors  said to have smelled smoke coming from the Auntie Jane’s Sausage restaurant located in the malls foodcourt. Only a minute later a giant bursting flame engulfed the restaurant, killing three employees and injuring several other people. At 7.31pm the Fire Department received calls about a fire in the Foodcourt and responded. 200 firefighters were involved in evacuating the area, rescuing others and bringing the fire under control. PNB talked to the speaker of the PPFD:,, At about 7.31pm we got several calls from people witnessing a fire in the foodcourt of Weststadt Mall, so we of course immedietly responded. Upon arriving on scene our first priority was rescuing several people trapped in the adjacent store who seem to have been surprised and trapped by the smoke. We were quickly able to sent men inside and reach the location via escalators from the 2nd Floor. We then proceeded to evacuate these people through the emergency exits at the North site of the building. Sadly it was too late for three employees of the restaurant whom we could only discover dead and severely burnt.” The fire is thought to have started in the kitchen area, although the case will be further investigated.

For PNB this was John Fallon.


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