8 dead and 56 wounded, caught in crossfire at Ashokoto Roads Stadium

Avewood, Lallemand- Hello, This is Nakhila Fashola, with breaking news reporting from a hotel in Marina, Center City, Avewood. Roughly 4 kilometers from here in the Northern Ashokoto area off of Chukwonso Avenue an argument between members of rival gangs who happened to be within seats of each other at a Revolution Football vs. Artillery Men’s Club resulted in both groups moved to opposite ends of the stadium. Due to the fact that the clubs were in close proximity at less than a kilometer from each other gang violence could often break out when rival gangsters met at the stadiums. This had worried police for years who had banned things like bandannas and strip searched any suspected gang member before stadium entry. The two opposing gangs were the Torquay sect of the former Pagbo rebels, Tarantulaz and the Abirra Street Boys.

After being kicked out for the earlier confrontation an Abirra Street Boys gang member went home and came back with other members just as the game was ending. Walking up to the stadium 5 A.S.B members, as the crowd was filing out, Tarantula members outside of the stadium seeing the group boldly displaying colors standing around near the parking lot entrance proceeded to pull out knives and sauntered towards the group. As although both gangs are known to have guns due to the fact that all involved were teenagers, no one expected more than a stolen knife. But one of the A.S.B boys had brought his older brother who proceeded to open fire on the group of Tarantulaz gang members moving towards them.

The young man sprayed the area with what witnesses say to be an automatic war era sub-machine gun. All 12 of the Tarantulaz members suffered injuries but only 4 of them succumbed to their deaths at the scene.Three more are in critical condition tonight. Do to the sound of automatic fire, older members from down the street rushed towards the area pulling handguns and started to fire at A.S.B members killing one instantly and critically wounding 2 others out of the five Tarantulaz members including the shooter. Two innocent bystanders who lived in the area both lost their lives to tray bullets and nine people bystanders were also hit by  bullets. The sound of gunfire caused a panic to those still in the stadium and the exit was stampeded and police time from inside the stadium was hindered as during the wild dash for the exit one man was trampled to death and 37 others were injured.

This is the highest amount of gang related casualties in Lallemanyan history and in response both the homes of A.S.B and Tarantulaz have been subjected to Paramilitary Police Unit searches. So far 35 weapons have been confiscated, including 4 guns and 31 different types of knives. Nakhila Fashola, reporting from Marina, Center City, Avewood.


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